Associated Press Behaving Badly

Herman Cain, currently leading polls for the Republican nomination for President, had two big media events today, one day after Politico comes out with an alleged sex scandal involving two un-named women and Herman Cain some 15 years ago when he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

The first event was an hour at the American Enterprise Institute where Cain was to speak to his economic policies. That was the topic. After explaining his plan, the moderator stated the ground rules then opened up the floor to let the media ask Mr. Cain questions.

The ground rules were that questions to be about his fiscal policy. Any questions outside of that could be taken at his next meeting an hour later at the National Press Club. That is what the press was told.

Audio: Ground rules of discussion

After two or three questions from reporters, an AP reporter breaks the rules.

This was his question: AP question to Herman Cain

You can hear the moderator telling the reporter that that part of his question was inconsistent with the ground rules.

It’s not hard to figure out why he did it. Thirty minutes later, ABC News leads the 12 o’clock EST national radio news with ‘Herman Cain refuses to answer questions of sexual misconduct with two female National Restaurant Assoc. employees.’

When Bill Clinton actually did sexually assault women, that turned out to be a resume enhancement and the media spent all its time trashing all the women that came forward.

Not only behaving badly, but displaying their usual bias against conservatives.