Van Jones, Hijacked

On the subject of the debt ceiling talks, Van Jones had a statement on msnbc yesterday. Saying that “a very small number of extremists” are standing in the way of raising taxes. But Media-ite writer Francis Martel ‘quoted’ him as saying in the headline of this post: ‘A Small Number Of Extremists Hijacked The Base

If you listen to the interview, it is quite clear that Van Jones was not speaking of the republican base. It is Martel that wants to characterize the Republican base as extremists. This quote is accurate, that there are “a very small number of extremists” on the right who refuse to raise taxes.

Van Jones . . .

We have a small group of people who have hijacked the discussion.

Emphasis on small. His (Van Jones) words. One can only hope that it also represents the Republican and Conservative base.

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Of course Van Jones and Obama want to raise taxes. Not because they think it will spur economic growth, because it won’t. But because the economy as we knew it must be totally neutered before it can be rebuilt a-la your favorite European socialist country. Instead of growing out of this economic mess, Democrats want government to be in control of the economy. Free-market capitalism to this bunch is like a crucifix to a vampire.

What I would call an extremist, on this debt ceiling debate, is anyone who wants to raise taxes and increase spending. But being generous, instead of calling them extremists, like the Left does, I’d go with ‘economically challenged.’ The President is holding fast to his strategy. Borrow our way out of debt and to spend our way back to prosperity. You can tell they’ve spent way too much time at Harvard.

Van Jones and Martel both have it wrong. What was hijacked by extremists is The White House.

And what MS-NBC interview would be complete without a faux controversy and Michelle Bachman? What she ‘hoped’ for was that her campaign would gain steam, NOT that the unemployment would go up. But that’s the way the guest host set the premise. Then Van Jones demands an apology. Give me a break. Two liberals in heat.

Link: Van Jones: Budget Talks Are Stuck Because ‘A Small Number Of Extremists Hijacked The Base’

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