The FUD Factor Reigns In Obamanomics

For more than two years now, starting as a presidential candidate, President Barack Obama has said how creating jobs was his top priority. How he will not rest until everyone who wants a job can get one. Judging by all the vacations he has had, are we supposed to think that he has fixed the economy? With unemployment and home foreclosures at an all time high, I don’t think so.

It’s been a busy week in Washington. {October 1, 2010} While they were spinning their wheels on campaign finance issues and creating faux small business stimulation, they also saw fit to adjourn without passing a budget (so much for that debt commission‘s warning of fiscal cancer, and the now missing 2011 budget) and without dealing with the fact that taxes will be going up come January when the ten-year Bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire.

Congress did manage to extend the FUD Factor indefinitely though.

Businesses are not expanding, growing, or hiring; not because they can’t get loans, but because they are in a business climate right now of fear, uncertainty, and doubt over what the future will bring. And going on recess without dealing with the tax code shows the President’s commitment towards turning the economy around. It’s not there. All his promises were ‘words, just words.’ His priority has not wavered from the politics of remaining a majority party. He could care less about your wallet, your bank account, or that of future generations of Americans.

There is fear over what business or industry is next in line for government intervention or control. The uncertainty of the full effects of Obamacare on businesses, insurance carriers, and their employees. And the doubt that America will remain a free-enterprise, market-driven, capitalistic society for much longer. That’s why businesses are sitting on whatever capital they have. They are hoping that Obama makes a U-turn in his drive towards centralized government control. Or, that we get an adult in The White House who knows something about the Constitution, freedom, and liberty, the pillars of what has made the United States the greatest country in the world in just a couple hundred years.

All the major legislation Obama pushed through his Democrat-controlled Congress was based on the fear of the world coming to an end if it wasn’t passed immediately. It was always an emergency. There was no time to read what was in it.

Seems to me that spreading the FUD factor has become the modus operandi of this administration. And November 2nd {2010} can’t some soon enough.

Now, nine months later, all measures of the economy are down with no signs of improvement. What would it take for President Obama to come to the realization that his policies are not helping the economy to grow or create jobs? In fact, they are detrimental to both, no matter where the debt limit is.