Organized Labor Call To Action

Gov. Rick Scott will be in the neighborhood June 1. And BIG LABOR is trying to rally the climate change and social justice movements in Florida against Scott for not wanting the State of Florida to spend $300 million buying real estate for the Florida Forever program.

Of the $ 615 million vetoed from the$ 69.7 billion Florida budget, almost half of the $ 615 million was to help fund Florida Forever. Scott’s attitude towards working families, students, the unemployed and the working poor reflects in his attitude towards Florida’s pristine ecosystem- he simply has no respect for Florida’s citizens and the environment we live in!

In a broadcast email, Union representative F. Lee Pryor, Mobilization Coordinator for the The NW FL Central Labor Council FL AFL-CIO laments “we see where Scott and company interests lie and that is with big business!”

Odd that labor would not be in favor of an agenda that would focus on cutting deficits and creating jobs. No jobs, no labor. Organized or otherwise.

Pryor also says . . .

It is entirely up to you to show the strength of the working families movement and join with all of our allies in the social justice and climate change justice movements. We need to stand unified against this corporatist attack from Tallahassee politicians disconnected from the everyday lives of working people in the state of Florida. This is the very reason we must do whatever we can do on June 1st to let Rick Scott know that Northwest Florida will not back down!

Typical of liberals. Organizing to try to spend your money (that we don’t have) instead of their own. I have a suggestion to test their mettle in conservation. Use your own money, not that of Florida taxpayers.

Herman Cain, To Skeptics And Critics

Wow! I must be causing some people quite a concern as a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. The establishment skeptics are still stuck in the traditional campaign paradigm of immediate name ID, lots of money, and having held a worthy elective office before. The critics are pounding on what they perceive as my weaknesses. And the Democratic National Committee now has me on its radar and is sharpening its blades for a Cain attack.

No one is more emblematic of the Republican establishment than Karl Rove. He has an unmatched political record from his tenure with former president George W. Bush. I greatly respect and admire what he has accomplished in his career.

But I would suggest that he take a few minutes to review my record as a leader in business and as a problem-solver before he dismisses me as the radio talk show guy from Atlanta with not much to offer as a presidential candidate. Mr. Rove’s perspective also suggests that successful business skills are not applicable to changing the “Titanic” course our federal government is on.

People outside the political establishment are starting to recognize that those business skills are applicable. Maybe that’s why Cain is rising in the polls.

One of my favorite political commentators, Charles Krauthammer of Fox News, described my candidacy as entertainment. I enjoy his perspectives because he is usually very thoughtful and often correct in his analysis. Unfortunately, this time he got it wrong. Some people would describe being able to give an informative and inspiring speech as an asset, especially if one is running for president.

Or maybe Mr. Krauthammer was thinking of the announcement rally we held in Atlanta recently, which attracted over 15,000 enthusiastic supporters. Then again, maybe it’s because we do not have the funds or the fundraising network that the more well-known candidates have. And no, my campaign is not broke, as someone on Chris Wallace’s Fox News staff incorrectly concluded from a dormant PAC account.

My presidential campaign account is called Friends of Herman Cain, just in case Mr. Rove, Mr. Krauthammer and Mr. Wallace would like to make a contribution. I’m not mad! We just have temporary differences of opinions.

And to my critics who are scouting for more of my weaknesses to write about, I will give you three you have not discovered yet. I don’t know everything. I don’t pander to groups.  And I am terrible at political correctness. Like any candidate, I will make some gaffes and stumble in some interviews with the press.

On the other hand, my strengths include identifying problems, properly framing problems, solving problems, surrounding myself with good and great people, and giving those overly inspiring speeches to engage the people in my common sense solutions process. Oh! I also like to smile, laugh and have fun with people. I think people can handle those qualities in a presidential candidate.

Lastly, I’m surprised that the DNC already has me on its political radar screen when not all of the potential candidates have yet to even formally declare their candidacy for the Republican nomination. Maybe the Democrats are taking my candidacy seriously, and if I win the nomination then they will not be laughing.

I realize that the road to the nomination and the White House is long and difficult. I know we will encounter many new challenges along the way, and that many people see my chances as against the odds.

When one considers that I am up against the skeptics, the critics, the establishment, the Democrats, the liberals, gotcha journalism, a liberal-leaning mainstream media, the challenges of raising campaign funds and a host of other candidates seeking the same objectives, my candidacy is against the odds.

But then, that’s been the story of my life and my career.

Maybe my middle name should have been David. He defeated a giant against the odds.

Shock And Awe?

You see the stories every year about the sacrifices our people have made, on our behalf, for serving in the military.

That we owe our very existence to those brave and patriotic men and women is not even debatable. The families they left behind should not be forgotten either.

While you can, please thank those in uniform for what they do on your behalf. Not just today, but every day. Reach your hand out and thank them for their service.

The strain on the families for their loss is one thing. But what about the strain of protracted wars on the families and the soldiers who decide to make military service a career?

Have you noticed that wars nowadays seem to be longer? Casualties are less in numbers than they once were, but the strain of a 10 year (and counting) war on the soldier and their families are nothing short of extraordinary.

We have seen political correctness dictate a lot of how we fight our wars in the last few decades. The only problem is that our enemies don’t share that same mindset. Our enemies today are unaffected by political correctness and, in fact, use it against us to their advantage.

It’s about time we re-evaluate how we conduct a war, once it is obvious we are in one. Fighting wars that seem to never end is not a winning strategy. After ten years in the Afghan/Iraq war, everybody except our enemy is growing weary. That includes our soldiers and their families doing all the heavy lifting.

Perhaps it is time to take another look at how we will fight a war? What I’m suggesting is committing enough assets to obliterate an enemy in short order, no matter which side of whoever’s border they are on. Once the world wakes up to that ‘new world order,’ the world will be a more peaceful place.

In Memoriam

On Memorial Day we pause to acknowledge those who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting and defending our country.

Every fallen veteran had a family that made a sacrifice too. The empty seat at the table.

May God bless them all.



Miami-Dade Mayoral Race Goes To Runoff

The Miami-Dade mayoral election goes to a runoff election June 28, 2011. The special election was needed to replace ousted mayor Alvarez who was successfully recalled.

Unfortunately, my candidate (if I lived down there) Farid Khavari didn’t make the top two. They are former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina and former County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez.

The special election being what it was, with one month to campaign and now one more month to campaign again for a runoff, the paper summed up the special election experience this way . . .

The field included a host of political novices who shared a mutual frustration with county government. But immediate name recognition or political experience, along with a knack for quickly raising money, proved to be prerequisites in a race that provided so little time for newcomers to connect with voters.

Link: Robaina, Gimenez in runoff for Miami-Dade mayor

FairTax, Something For Everyone

As the current debate over fiscal reform suggests, very few proposals for fundamental changes in tax policy have the potential to command support across the ideological spectrum. The “FairTax” is the great exception. Correctly understood, the Fair Tax Act (HR 25, S13 with 67 cosponsors), which would replace almost all federal taxes with a direct tax on consumption, should appeal to conservatives, progressives, and libertarians alike.

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Miami-Dade County Mayoral Special Election

Dr. Farid Khavari,  former Independent candidate for Florida governor, is taking his economic plan to the county level. It will benefit a county, especially Miami-Dade county, in the same way it will benefit the state if it was adopted statewide.

The voters in Miami-Dade county are lucky to have Khavari, the man with the economic plan, that can help cut costs for government and the citizens.

Early voting kicks off in the special election to pick a new Miami-Dade County mayor.  Voters can start casting their ballots Monday. The election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24.


Miami-Dade Gets a Chance to Be The Strongest Economy in The Country!

By John Bengston

The United States is deep down in a recession, bordering on a depression, Florida is one of the states being hit hardest and Miami Dade is the hardest hit county in Florida. Needless to say, the folks of Miami Dade are having a tough time.

Recently, voters in the county recalled their mayor after he had increased their property taxes and gave 75% to his upper staff as raises. The big question is now what?

One candidate has stepped forward and said that because of his background in economics he can make this county the prosperous economic beacon for the rest of the country to follow.

It turns out that he is not crazy, but in fact has a multiplex economic recovery plan to accomplish this task of miracle proportion and as sweet icing on the cake, he says he will also eliminate property taxes.

I must say I was very intrigued, as I am sure you are too. I will attempt to simplify and share the highlights of this plan in a small amount of space.

One major theme is to reduce costs, which makes sense, but it turns out he was referring to the cost of most everything and doing so without reducing profits. By looking into the make up of pricing for a product or service, the outgoing expenses of a household, the leading recurring costs that can be reduced are Property Taxes, Financial Interest and Energy. Dr. Khavari refers to these as PIE costs. (Property taxes, Interest and Energy.)

When you purchase a product or service PIE costs have been added to the price at every stage. Reduce or remove these costs from products & services and the cost of living is reduced. It is simple logic so far.

Whether you are paying on a home or paying rent, these PIE costs are a large portion on your outgoing expenses.

To accomplish this on a large scale such as a county of 2.4 million people, we must have a financing apparatus setup such as a publicly-owned county bank to be the financial engine. This is a closed loop banking system where the profits are re-circulated within the community and belong to the residents of the county.

Credit would be readily available for mortgages at 2%, cars at 3% and Energy conversion loans at 2%. It is obvious that money would be saved on interest payments.

Next the energy conversion loans allow equipment such as solar and wind to be installed on homes and businesses, whereas the payment would be less than the current energy costs and in a few years the equipment will be paid for and energy will be free. The same will apply to government buildings, transportation, hospitals etc….

The manufacturing, sales, installations and servicing of these systems will create jobs in every trade and profession.

And finally a portion of the profits will replace property taxes as the funding for local government.

Extra bonuses include the residents being untied from future increased energy costs, future increases in property taxes, dependence on foreign oil, environmentally cleaner, remove the risk of man made or natural disasters from such as BP in the Gulf or Nuclear plants in Japan or from having a whole city without power for an extended amount of time.

And of course over 150,000 new good paying private sector jobs that allow commerce, which creates more jobs etc…

There are many more initiatives to Dr Khavari’s plan and they are based on similar prosperity promoting concepts. This article brings you to the water’s edge, but for a big gulp of what could be the new beginning – visit

Farid Khavari, Ph.D., is an economist who has written nine books and numerous articles dealing with economics, environment, crude oil, energy, raw materials, banking and financial issues, healthcare, outsourcing, insourcing, cost and social cost. Dr. Khavari is a candidate for Miami-Dade County Mayor.