Miami-Dade Mayoral Race Goes To Runoff

The Miami-Dade mayoral election goes to a runoff election June 28, 2011. The special election was needed to replace ousted mayor Alvarez who was successfully recalled.

Unfortunately, my candidate (if I lived down there) Farid Khavari didn’t make the top two. They are former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina and former County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez.

The special election being what it was, with one month to campaign and now one more month to campaign again for a runoff, the paper summed up the special election experience this way . . .

The field included a host of political novices who shared a mutual frustration with county government. But immediate name recognition or political experience, along with a knack for quickly raising money, proved to be prerequisites in a race that provided so little time for newcomers to connect with voters.

Link: Robaina, Gimenez in runoff for Miami-Dade mayor