Organized Labor Call To Action

Gov. Rick Scott will be in the neighborhood June 1. And BIG LABOR is trying to rally the climate change and social justice movements in Florida against Scott for not wanting the State of Florida to spend $300 million buying real estate for the Florida Forever program.

Of the $ 615 million vetoed from the$ 69.7 billion Florida budget, almost half of the $ 615 million was to help fund Florida Forever. Scott’s attitude towards working families, students, the unemployed and the working poor reflects in his attitude towards Florida’s pristine ecosystem- he simply has no respect for Florida’s citizens and the environment we live in!

In a broadcast email, Union representative F. Lee Pryor, Mobilization Coordinator for the The NW FL Central Labor Council FL AFL-CIO laments “we see where Scott and company interests lie and that is with big business!”

Odd that labor would not be in favor of an agenda that would focus on cutting deficits and creating jobs. No jobs, no labor. Organized or otherwise.

Pryor also says . . .

It is entirely up to you to show the strength of the working families movement and join with all of our allies in the social justice and climate change justice movements. We need to stand unified against this corporatist attack from Tallahassee politicians disconnected from the everyday lives of working people in the state of Florida. This is the very reason we must do whatever we can do on June 1st to let Rick Scott know that Northwest Florida will not back down!

Typical of liberals. Organizing to try to spend your money (that we don’t have) instead of their own. I have a suggestion to test their mettle in conservation. Use your own money, not that of Florida taxpayers.

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