House Rejects Obama-Backed, Pro-Union Amendment

From the beginning, the Obama administration has made growing labor union membership one of their priorities. Since never has it been the responsibility of the federal government to grow labor unions. It’s not one of the government’s constitutional responsibilities. Like any other business or industry, BIG LABOR can rise and fall on their own.

The bill is a big push back of Obama’s quid pro quo to Big Labor for their financial support. Card Check is another. Instead of saying thank you for your contributions, the administration changed 75 years of labor law to allow a simple majority of votes cast to determine unionization in the airline and rail (like ‘high speed’ rail) industries, instead of the prior standard that required the support of a majority of all workers.

For example, if a company has 100 workers but only 80 turn out to vote in the election, it would only take 41 pro-union votes for the union to organize the company’s workers. That means a minority of workers could determine the status of the majority of the company. A community organizers wet dream.

Notice the subtleness of the two industries that the administration chose to grease for unionization. The two that are vital to the functioning of our country for the distribution of goods and the freedom of movement of our population.

One only has to remember how the economy suffered in 2001 when the airline industry came to an abrupt halt after the terrorist attack to imagine,  if given that power, what an arrogant BIG LABOR can do if they get their shorts in a wad. Just look at how they and their Democrat enablers are behaving in Wisconsin if you want a preview. Now imagine that on a national scale.

It’s way to early to think that this will stand, given that the Senate and the White House are of a different mindset. But it is a start.

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Hugo Chavez On A Health Kick Too!

Not to be out done by First Lady Michelle Obama‘s ‘Let’s Move’ initiative to fight obesity, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (the hemisphere’s idiot) has a health initiative of his own.

Chavez’s plan is simple. He says to avoid obesity, cut your calories. Here’s the funny part . . .

“Be careful with weight gain!” warned Chavez on Sunday, speaking during his weekly television and radio program. “We are eating better, that’s been proven. We’re leaving malnutrition behind. It no longer exists in the country, but be careful with obesity.”

Contrary to Michelle’s ‘Let’s Move’ program, which is being funded from taking food from the mouths of hungry (the Food Stamp Program), Chavez’s program depends on empty shelves in the supermarket.

Venezuelans complain of shortages of basic food items: Many residents say they often take four or five trips to various markets only to end up with bitter coffee and unbuttered bread.

When he says it’s ‘been proven’ that Venezuelans are eating better, he means they are eating maybe two meals a day, up from one and a half meals a day.


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