Hugo Chavez On A Health Kick Too!

Not to be out done by First Lady Michelle Obama‘s ‘Let’s Move’ initiative to fight obesity, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (the hemisphere’s idiot) has a health initiative of his own.

Chavez’s plan is simple. He says to avoid obesity, cut your calories. Here’s the funny part . . .

“Be careful with weight gain!” warned Chavez on Sunday, speaking during his weekly television and radio program. “We are eating better, that’s been proven. We’re leaving malnutrition behind. It no longer exists in the country, but be careful with obesity.”

Contrary to Michelle’s ‘Let’s Move’ program, which is being funded from taking food from the mouths of hungry (the Food Stamp Program), Chavez’s program depends on empty shelves in the supermarket.

Venezuelans complain of shortages of basic food items: Many residents say they often take four or five trips to various markets only to end up with bitter coffee and unbuttered bread.

When he says it’s ‘been proven’ that Venezuelans are eating better, he means they are eating maybe two meals a day, up from one and a half meals a day.


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