Mr. President, Whose Side Are You On?

Border divides Obama, Arizona Governor. That was the headline of a front page story in the dead tree version of today’s Pensacola News Journal. After having hosted Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon in Washington, where both presidents gave the collective ‘bird’ to the American people at a special joint session of congress over Arizona’s illegal immigration enforcement law, it is apparent that my president, in his heart, is on the wrong side of the border.

There is an obvious symbiosis on the issue of illegal immigration where these two are concerned.

For Calderon, the billions of dollars in remittances that Mexicans (not Americans, Mexicans) send back to Mexico helps to keep his sorry country from total collapse. Calderon refuses to utter the word ‘illegal’ when it comes to his citizens crashing the border. He uses a word associated with animals, migration. He says his people are migrating into this country. Some would describe it as invading. You know, to go with the lower life form reference of Calderon, kind of like termites or locusts invade. With similar results. Destroying all State economies in its path.

For Obama, illegals are a political tool. Otherwise known as undocumented Democrats. This commander in chief is more concerned with protecting and defending political power than the sovereignty, safety, and security of the United States of America.  In his world, Gov. Brewer should just sit down and shut up. And from what I’ve seen of Gov. Brewer, that’s not going to happen.

The media and the Left have a political angle on it all as well. They try to intimidate republicans by suggesting that trying to enforce the law regarding illegal immigration will lose the Hispanic vote forever. In other words, looking at demographics, they believe that would make the Republican party a minority party forever. When your political opponent, and that’s what these parties are nowadays, is digging himself into a hole, you stand back and let them. Or give them a bigger shovel. When it comes to America remaining American, who is it that is digging themselves into a hole? Democrats or Republicans?

Ann Coulter has opined on the notion that enforcing the law is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot. Making the point as only Ann can . . .

The media have been crowing that Republicans will lose the Hispanic vote forever if they support enforcing laws against illegal immigration, such as the Arizona law. To great fanfare, a poll was released last week showing that 67 percent of Hispanics oppose the Arizona law.

The headline on that poll should have been: “One-Third of Hispanics Support Arizona Immigration Law Despite Frantic Media Campaign to Convince Them It’s a Racist Plot Against Hispanics.”

Incidentally, 67 percent of Hispanics also vote Democrat. The exact same percentage of Hispanics who oppose the Arizona law voted for Obama over John McCain — who was championing amnesty for illegals.

Suck up to Hispanics with insane amnesty proposals; get one out of three Hispanic voters. Do the right thing and defend the country’s borders; get one out of three Hispanic voters. … Promise to make every Tuesday “Ladies’ Night”; get one out of three Hispanic voters. Offer them a choice between “Extra Crispy” and “Original Recipe”; get one out of three Hispanic voters.

Now maybe we can concentrate on securing not only Mexico’s border, but more importantly, our border.

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