Ways And Means Closed The Door On FairTax

I encourage the input from all Americans, from both sides of the aisle. If you have a better idea, I want to hear it. That is the talking point from this honest and open administration. That is what President Obama has said, over and over. It is his alleged open door policy.

But actions speak louder than words. What are the actions?

Leaders Fiddle While the Nation Burns

The United States hit a new record this month—more public debt piled up than any month before in the history of the nation. Unapologetic, Congress bought five luxury private jets for a brand new Congressional fleet because they didn’t feel that military jets were good enough for their junkets or their refined tastes.

Where did the money come from? The nation borrowed it from foreign creditors and secured the debt with our earnings and the future earnings of our children and grandchildren.

The FairTax ends the corruption practiced daily by tax writing committees who treat $2.5 trillion a year in tax receipts as their private property. It bars lobby deals and special favors and shifts power from the government to the citizen. It restores the role of the American people in deciding how much and when taxes are paid by their consumption decisions and it creates a new era of robust American economic growth.

But as good as the FairTax is for the nation, it is still ignored, at best, and distorted and despised, at worst, by those in the political elite who profit from corruption of the federal tax code. This week your FairTax organization delivered nearly 100,000 petitions to the House Ways and Means Committee–who could not be bothered to meet with national FairTax campaign chairman, Ken Hoagland.

“I am furious that the leading alternative to the income tax has again been ignored along with every American who petitioned their government for redress of grievances,” said Hoagland. “This betrayal of the voice of the American people adds fuel to the fire of our determination to break through the wholly unacceptable and un-American shell of disdain for the common man that we are seeing from Washington, D.C.”

Hoagland said that April 15th events planned including the “Storm the Hill” and “Operation FairTax” rallies as well as the on-line tax revolt march www.onlinetaxrevolt.com were needed efforts to “break through to our leaders”. “We will not give up, we will not stop and we will not rest until we have ripped this broken tax system and culture of political privilege out by the roots. That is a promise.”

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