Obama Making Excuses For Ft Hood Shooter

In direct contrast (almost) to how President Obama jumped to conclusions about the Cambridge police ‘acting stupidly,’ after stating that he did not have any of the facts, last night in an interview on ABC’s World News Tonight with Jake Tapper, the President jumps to the conclusion, despite all the shooters’ history of pro-jihad activities, that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan just cracked under pressure. Under pressure? Since he had not yet been sent to the war theater what is this pressure? Pre-traumatic stress disorder?


Are you concerned based on what you know about the case at Fort Hood that the government was not talking to itself the way that after 9/11 we tried to ensure that it would?


We are going to complete this investigation and we are going to take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. Beyond that, I think it’s important for me to let the investigation play itself out so that we know exactly what happened, when it happened, how it happened, before — before I as president of the United States comment on it.


Philosophically, what separates an act of violence from an act of terrorism?


In a country of 300 million people, uh, there are going to be acts of violence that are inexplicable, even within the extraordinary m-military that we have. Uh, and, uh, I think everybody understands how outstanding the young men and women in uniform are under the most severe stress. There are going to instances, uh, in which, uh, an individual cracks.

An individual cracks? Just ignore the radical Islamic background and contacts with the same radical Imam that two of the 9/11 terrorists followed? The very same Imam that is calling this terrorist a hero. Na, forget about that.

“It may be hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy,” Obama said. “But this much we do know: No faith justifies these murderous and craven acts.”

It is blatantly obvious that the Commander In Chief cannot bring himself to utter the T word, terrorist, even when it hits him (Allahu Akbar) 43 times in one day.

The memorial service at Ft. Hood today was touching, moving, and appropriate. I couldn’t help but notice that there was no mention of the enemy we’re all supposed to be fighting nor some assurance that these Americans did not die in vain. But I’ll allow that maybe the memorial service wasn’t the best time to do that. BUT, the next public appearance he makes IS the right time to do just that instead of looking for excuses for why a terrorist did what he did.

Was Ft. Hood A Man Made Disaster?

No longer do we have to jump to conclusions about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Ft. Hood terrorist. Because we now know that’s exactly what he is. What makes it all the worse however is that he wore the uniform of an Army officer.

And it gets worse from there. As it turns out, a ‘political correctness’ attitude prevented his superiors from doing what should have been done before things got this far out of hand. And if you think that he is the only radical Islamist to have successfully infiltrated the U.S. military, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

It’s time the Commander In Chief starts acting like one and have the guts to call it what it is. Lest he loses what respect that those who have sworn to serve under him may have left. Soft on terror? If the shoe fits . . .

Hasan was a terrorist, and last Thursday he acted out on it. It wasn’t a man made disaster. It was an act of terrorism inside Ft. Hood. This guy didn’t ‘act stupidly.’ He gunned down non-believers who were preparing to take the war to the enemy overseas. They were Americans first, not Muslims first. And just like the suicide bombers and the cowards that plant roadside bombs, this coward took weapons to a concentration of unarmed men and women who volunteered to fight for and serve our country.

I’m not acquainted with how the military justice system differs from the civilian criminal justice system. But I’m hoping that this guy will soon face a firing squad or a rope.

Who Has A Solution For Florida's Economy?

The political landscape in Florida is broad, but not very deep. There is more going on in the gubernatorial race and the Senate race than you know. More even than the media knows or is willing to share.

In the gubernatorial race, there is only one candidate that actually has a plan not only to fix Florida’s economy in the short term, but in the long term too. There is only one candidate that has a plan to maximize the health care dollars and health care productivity in the state, which will bring cost down, not up. There is only one candidate that is not running on endorsements and the boilerplate ‘I can do it better and smarter than him/or her’ but is running on a platform of real changes that will produce real and lasting benefits for Floridians, including jobs and lowering the costs of necessities like insurance, housing, loans and financing, energy and health care.

Did you know . . .

Florida is in a worse mess than you think. Our state’s economy is tanking, with 700,000 jobs lost, 300,000 foreclosures and more on the way. The banks just keep making it worse, and interest, insurance and energy costs keep going higher. This year’s $3.5 billion deficit got plugged by “stimulus” money, but next year’s will be worse. Most people don’t even know about the over $50 BILLION in losses at the State Board of Administration (SBA), for which Governor (and candidate for the U.S. Senate) Charlie Crist, Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Bill McCollum, and Chief Financial Officer (and gubernatorial candidate) Alex Sink are directly responsible. That’s almost $3,000 for every Floridian! They hope we won’t find out about this disaster until after the election. We can expect our taxes to go up by 25% in the next two years, because those same politicians are doing nothing to clean up the mess. They are too busy running for the next office. We can hardly look to them for solutions, because they are the problem! No one has offered a plan to fix Florida’s mess – until now.

The candidate with a plan is Dr. Farid Khavari. He’s an economist, not a politician. That’s probably why he has solutions that will work, instead of more of the same.

Don’t take my word for it though. Check out these three websites of the candidates, do your own research, and see who has a plan and who has more of the same.

Political Party Hardball. In an earlier post on how Florida’s Democratic Party is not Democratic, which was pertaining to the seven Democratic candidates for Governor, at which time you say ‘what? I thought it was only Alex Sink.’ I told you about how the party’s State Chairperson Karen Thurman chose Alex Sink at their state convention last month while ignoring Khavari and the other candidates. Well, the RPOF seems to be on the same track when it comes to picking their candidate for U.S. Senate. Don’t you want to have some say in this?

RPOF Chairman Bob Greer seems to have also taken sides on who he wants for Martinez’s senate seat, Gov. Charlie Crist. So much so that he is involved in some shenanigans to hurt Marco Rubio in an attempt to keep him off the ballot. And Crist and his hand-picked temporary senator George LeMieux have  been caught red-handed conducting a smear campaign against Rubio which includes of course, Hitler.

In an effort to bring party politics back into the open, Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL, 01) is calling for the resignation of Party Chairman Greer. I concur.


November 7, 2009 850-324-4866


Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL-01) issued the following statement today:

“Jim Greer has shown on numerous occasions that he is incapable of running the Republican party of Florida (RPOF) and refuses to remain neutral in contested primaries. Mr. Greer has failed at managing the financial, political, and public relations aspects of the state party.

The latest scandal involving a RPOF operative and the use of a fake Twitter account to disparage a duly elected county Chairman is just another in a long list of management failures. Further, Greer has shown a bias in the primary of the United States Senate Seat in publicly supporting Governor Crist and has repeatedly ignored calls from county party organizations for neutrality. This behavior is inexcusable and Florida Republicans deserve better.

At a time when Republicans across the country are energizing and unifying to defeat the Democrats in 2010, Greer is dividing and deflating Republicans in Florida.

I call on Mr. Greer to resign as Chairman of the RPOF.”

Now who is going to call Thurman on her obvious bias?

House Passes Obamacare V2.0

By a vote of 220-215 the House passed the $1.2 trillion health care plan. Thirty-nine Democrats voted against it, as did every Republican except for Joseph Cao of Louisiana.

Cao replaced William (dollar bill) Jefferson (D-LA) in a special election in a heavily democratic New Orleans district. Jefferson was indicted for bribery and corruption charges. He’s the House member with $90,000 cash in his freezer.

Cao didn’t lose it for Republicans. Neither did Owens, the Democrat that just got elected in New York’s 23rd district. Pelosi had the necessary 218 votes, just 218 votes, without them. It is important to note, however, that Owens campaigned against this health care bill in New York. He wouldn’t have won the election had he been honest (there’s a shocker) with his constituents. So within 24 hours of being elected to the House, he broke 4 campaign promises. Being against the health care bill was one of them. He also indicated during his campaign that he was firmly opposed to cutting Medicare benefits, taxing health care benefits, and increased taxes on the middle class in any way. No doubt his constituents will remember his vote and betrayal next time around.

Pelosi wouldn’t have had those 218 votes if the Stupak amendment were not passed. Which it did. Proposed by Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), the amendment to the House health bill bars federal funding for most abortions and passed on a vote of 240-194. Democrats split 64-192 against the amendment, but 176 Republicans voted in favor of it while none opposed it and Jon Shadegg (R-AZ) voted present.

For those of us who reject socialized medicine and the government takeover of a sixth of the U.S. economy, and the piling on of $1.2 trillion of debt, over and above the $8 to $10 trillion in debt already incurred by Obama’s plans and policies, there is one last chance to defeat this government takeover. The Senate still has to approve it.

It will also be interesting to see how the Stupak amendment gets  neutered in the Senate and what the Democrats who oppose federal funding of abortions will do if it does.

The rubber meets the road in the Senate. We will soon see which Democrats will turn on their constituents and lie like Owens did, or are bought off with earmarks. The 2010 election can’t come soon enough.

Obamacare V2.0, What's In H.R.3962?

The health bill that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is bringing to a vote (H.R. 3962) is 1,990 pages. Here are some of the details you need to know.

What the government will require you to do:

• Sec. 202 (p. 91-92) of the bill requires you to enroll in a “qualified plan.” If you get your insurance at work, your employer will have a “grace period” to switch you to a “qualified plan,” meaning a plan designed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. If you buy your own insurance, there’s no grace period. You’ll have to enroll in a qualified plan as soon as any term in your contract changes, such as the co-pay, deductible or benefit.

{Despite what President Obama says, you can’t keep your plan if you like it. This is how the private insurance industry will rot on the vine. In this respect, this new plan is the same as the old plan, H.R.3200}

• Sec. 224 (p. 118) provides that 18 months after the bill becomes law, the Secretary of Health and Human Services will decide what a “qualified plan” covers and how much you’ll be legally required to pay for it. That’s like a banker telling you to sign the loan agreement now, then filling in the interest rate and repayment terms 18 months later.

Protestors wave signs in front of the Capitol on Thursday.

On Nov. 2, the Congressional Budget Office estimated what the plans will likely cost. An individual earning $44,000 before taxes who purchases his own insurance will have to pay a $5,300 premium and an estimated $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses, for a total of $7,300 a year, which is 17% of his pre-tax income. A family earning $102,100 a year before taxes will have to pay a $15,000 premium plus an estimated $5,300 out-of-pocket, for a $20,300 total, or 20% of its pre-tax income. Individuals and families earning less than these amounts will be eligible for subsidies paid directly to their insurer.

• Sec. 303 (pp. 167-168) makes it clear that, although the “qualified plan” is not yet designed, it will be of the “one size fits all” variety. The bill claims to offer choice—basic, enhanced and premium levels—but the benefits are the same. Only the co-pays and deductibles differ. You will have to enroll in the same plan, whether the government is paying for it or you and your employer are footing the bill.

• Sec. 59b (pp. 297-299) says that when you file your taxes, you must include proof that you are in a qualified plan. If not, you will be fined thousands of dollars. Illegal immigrants are exempt from this requirement.

{Seems Joe Wilson was right after all.}

• Sec. 412 (p. 272) says that employers must provide a “qualified plan” for their employees and pay 72.5% of the cost, and a smaller share of family coverage, or incur an 8% payroll tax. Small businesses, with payrolls from $500,000 to $750,000, are fined less.

Eviscerating Medicare:

In addition to reducing future Medicare funding by an estimated $500 billion, the bill fundamentally changes how Medicare pays doctors and hospitals, permitting the government to dictate treatment decisions.

• Sec. 1302 (pp. 672-692) moves Medicare from a fee-for-service payment system, in which patients choose which doctors to see and doctors are paid for each service they provide, toward what’s called a “medical home.”

The medical home is this decade’s version of HMO-restrictions on care. A primary-care provider manages access to costly specialists and diagnostic tests for a flat monthly fee. The bill specifies that patients may have to settle for a nurse practitioner rather than a physician as the primary-care provider. Medical homes begin with demonstration projects, but the HHS secretary is authorized to “disseminate this approach rapidly on a national basis.”

A December 2008 Congressional Budget Office report noted that “medical homes” were likely to resemble the unpopular gatekeepers of 20 years ago if cost control was a priority.

• Sec. 1114 (pp. 391-393) replaces physicians with physician assistants in overseeing care for hospice patients.

• Secs. 1158-1160 (pp. 499-520) initiates programs to reduce payments for patient care to what it costs in the lowest cost regions of the country. This will reduce payments for care (and by implication the standard of care) for hospital patients in higher cost areas such as New York and Florida.

• Sec. 1161 (pp. 520-545) cuts payments to Medicare Advantage plans (used by 20% of seniors). Advantage plans have warned this will result in reductions in optional benefits such as vision and dental care.

• Sec. 1402 (p. 756) says that the results of comparative effectiveness research conducted by the government will be delivered to doctors electronically to guide their use of “medical items and services.”

Questionable Priorities:

{Gimme a A. Gimme a C. Gimme a O. Gimme a R. Gimme a N. Enter ACORN?}

While the bill will slash Medicare funding, it will also direct billions of dollars to numerous inner-city social work and diversity programs with vague standards of accountability.

• Sec. 399V (p. 1422) provides for grants to community “entities” with no required qualifications except having “documented community activity and experience with community healthcare workers” to “educate, guide, and provide experiential learning opportunities” aimed at drug abuse, poor nutrition, smoking and obesity. “Each community health worker program receiving funds under the grant will provide services in the cultural context most appropriate for the individual served by the program.”

These programs will “enhance the capacity of individuals to utilize health services and health related social services under Federal, State and local programs by assisting individuals in establishing eligibility . . . and in receiving services and other benefits” including transportation and translation services.

• Sec. 222 (p. 617) provides reimbursement for culturally and linguistically appropriate services. This program will train health-care workers to inform Medicare beneficiaries of their “right” to have an interpreter at all times and with no co-pays for language services.

• Secs. 2521 and 2533 (pp. 1379 and 1437) establishes racial and ethnic preferences in awarding grants for training nurses and creating secondary-school health science programs. For example, grants for nursing schools should “give preference to programs that provide for improving the diversity of new nurse graduates to reflect changes in the demographics of the patient population.” And secondary-school grants should go to schools “graduating students from disadvantaged backgrounds including racial and ethnic minorities.”

• Sec. 305 (p. 189) Provides for automatic Medicaid enrollment of newborns who do not otherwise have insurance.

For the text of the bill with page numbers, see www.defendyourhealthcare.us.

Ms. McCaughey is chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths and a former Lt. Governor of New York state.

{emphasis and comments added, otherwise all of the above was written by Betsy McCaughey, who has read the bill}

link: What the Pelosi Health-Care Bill Really Says

One Down, One To Go

The 2009 election season has ended, but not without some lessons learned, especially as relates to those elusive and much sought after ‘independent’ voters.

We know at least two facts about them. Since they were instrumental in electing Barack Obama in 2008, they are not racists. And since they elected Republican governors in Virginia and New Jersey in 2009, they’re not socialists either.

We also learned something about the state of the Republican Party.

What played out in New York’s 23rd congressional district was also instructive of the power of conservatism in the electorate. An unknown conservative just two months ago, came within a few percentage points of winning. And when you factor in the fact that the incumbent RINO had the support of the RNC, up until she quit and supported the Democrat(ic) candidate, he didn’t do too bad. His financial and political support came not from the RNC, but from other conservative Republicans outside the district and state.

The Republican Party has something to learn, or re-learn, as well. What happened in upstate New York is the beginning of a real conservative movement, whether within or outside of the Republican Party. It is the Republican Party that has strayed from its conservative roots. And it is the Republican Party that needs to return to them instead of being Democrat-Lite. The 2009 political season over. The next one is the big one.

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Democrats Out To Get Lieberman

The contrast between how the Left handles opinion, Joe Lieberman’s opinion, and corruption is amazing. The short version is this, disagreeing with Obama’s policies is far worse than being ethically or legally corrupt.

Take Charles Rangel (D-NY) for example. Never mind for now the other Democrats that are under ethics probes. But remember too what Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) said after gaining the majority in November 2006. She said she was going to “drain the swamp” of corruption on Capitol Hill. A leaked document tells a different story. From the Washington Post . . .

Two and a half years into Pelosi’s reign, more than 25 Democrats have been targeted for ethics reviews by the two ethics bodies, while just seven Republicans appeared to be under scrutiny, according to the document.

Corruption? Eh, no biggie. But disagree, you’ll be piled on by the Left like those at Democrats.com. There, Bob Fertik says Lieberman must have his committee chair position yanked. But not for Rangel.

Fertik neglected to say what committee he wanted Lieberman yanked from. Lieberman Chairs the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Fertik is all bent out of shape over Lieberman’s decision to not support the  Public Option on health insurance reform. The funny thing is though, yanking his chairmanship position is not going to change his vote. But seeing the far Left get bent out of shape for Lieberman representing his constituents is amusing.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Now Fertik is calling for a ‘donor strike‘ for all Democrats that don’t support the socialist option. Good luck with that.

Pensacola Needs A Rudder

Stepping into a hot topic in Pensacola, that being consideration as to the form of leadership the city government should have, The Lunch Counter comes down on the side of a strong mayoral system. It is what Pensacola needs. There is a long record of the effectiveness of running a city, this city, by committee. It is too cumbersome and politically lazy. The number of years the Mayor vs Commission form of government has been discussed is testament to the need for this kind of change.

This ship, Pensacola, needs a rudder.

A mayor with vision and drive can make things happen, if we will only let him, or her. And if it turns out that we elected the wrong person, we have the ability to elect the right person. To borrow a phrase from the recent past, YES WE CAN.

It worked fine for New York City under Rudy Giuliani and in Philadelphia under Frank Rizzo. There’s no reason it can’t bring Pensacola to where it belongs too.

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Conservatism Prevails

Is it a sign of the times? One could only hope and, time will tell. Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman gets a boost as Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava bows out of New York’s 23rd Congressional District race.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had said Scozzafava is exactly the kind of candidate the party needs to rebuild itself for a new Republican Revolution. However, Hoffman and his backers attacked Scozzafava as too liberal to represent the GOP. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson and former New York Gov. George Pataki endorsed Hoffman.

Right. And General Colin Powell said that John McCain was the kind of leader America needed, before he voted for his opponent. Newt couldn’t be more wrong in his thinking. I don’t know where this comes from. He certainly didn’t believe this in ’94. You don’t build the Republican party by adopting planks of the Democrat platform. You do it like Reagan did by convincing Republicans, Democrats, Independents, everyone, that there’s a better way for America which happens to be 180 degrees from our present course. Stick to the principles that made us. Contrary to what the current administration is saying, conservatives believe that ‘the status quo’ means protecting and defending the Constitution, not supplanting it in an attempt to literally ‘remake America.’

Obama’s version of ‘status quo’ is a focus group tested phrase he assigns to problems either real or imagined (mostly imagined), used as a pejorative to condemn all that has made America the greatest country in the world, freedom, liberty, and a free enterprise market-driven economic system. His plans and policies are direct attacks on all three.

Hopefully, what is happening in upstate New York is the beginning of a real conservative movement, whether within or outside of the Republican Party. It is the Republican Party that has strayed from its conservative roots. It is the Republican Party that needs to return to them instead of being Democrat-Lite.

No true conservative condones the Chicago-style politics, the back room deals and quid pro quo with special interest groups and industries like is rampant in the Obama administration. Which, curious enough,  is exactly what Obama is accusing his detractors and predecessor of doing.

link: Scozzafava’s stunning departure