Pensacola Needs A Rudder

Stepping into a hot topic in Pensacola, that being consideration as to the form of leadership the city government should have, The Lunch Counter comes down on the side of a strong mayoral system. It is what Pensacola needs. There is a long record of the effectiveness of running a city, this city, by committee. It is too cumbersome and politically lazy. The number of years the Mayor vs Commission form of government has been discussed is testament to the need for this kind of change.

This ship, Pensacola, needs a rudder.

A mayor with vision and drive can make things happen, if we will only let him, or her. And if it turns out that we elected the wrong person, we have the ability to elect the right person. To borrow a phrase from the recent past, YES WE CAN.

It worked fine for New York City under Rudy Giuliani and in Philadelphia under Frank Rizzo. There’s no reason it can’t bring Pensacola to where it belongs too.

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