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I was taken aback just a bit to learn that the University of West Florida has an employee group called a Black Employee Association. This came to light in an article in the Pensacola News Journal about a Juneteenth event one week too late. No, the report wasn’t a week late. UWF’s celebration was a week late.

If you’re going to celebrate the ‘end’ of slavery, at least you could do it on the proper day. A week late sort of smacks of racial pandering. Someone on that campus apparently came under some criticism from the Black Employee Association and the CYA reaction was to ‘honor’ the end of slavery a week late. Maybe someone from the University can end the speculation as to why it was a week late? Right after they explain why they have a Black Employee Association.

It is a myth that the halls of higher education are the  enlightened bunch, above racial prejudice, when they have a racially defined group on their campus. It’s easy to justify say, a Professor’s Club or a Support Staff Club. They are color blind, race neutral, and the way things ought to be.

Where is the justification, in 2009, for endorsing anything based on race? It certainly would not be allowed if it had anything to do with religion. No, that’s not as precise as could be said. If it had anything to do with a Christian religion  it would not be allowed. The ACLU would see to that.

Is it true that the school will begin their winter break, formerly known as Christmas vacation, on December 28th this year?

link: UWF’s Black Employee Association celebrates Juneteenth

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  1. As long as organization retain a race-based name, how can they expect to come across as anything other than devisive.

    Adisa said:

    ” I think it’s fair to assume that in 2009, it is possible for persons of African descent to be treated unfairly.”


    And it’s fair to assume that it’s possible for a person of Irish descent to be treated unfairly and on and on ad nauseum.

    My grandmother was treated unfairly- somebody thought she was old.

  2. Whether or not a group of people want to form some sort of group, by sex, race, religion or some other qualification is not the point. They can do that pretty much anywhere but on campus.

    At issue here is this group is on campus where there will be no discriminating going on. Not by race, religion, or sexual orientation. Not to mention that the intellectuals there are the ones that should be setting the example in how a color blind society behaves.

    There are two points in this post. First is that the University should not allow race-based organizations on campus. The fact that the members of this group are all employees is even more disturbing. And to that point, if they are being treated unfairly, what’s their beef? Let’s fix it. What does skin color have to do with it? Besides, the point of the article was a Juneteenth celebration, perfectly appropriate. It was not about black employees at UWF are being dumped on. If that happened, that would be news. So the question remains, why is the Black Employee Association there in the first place?

    The other point was that the celebration was a week late. Why was that? Only someone from the University can answer why that was. The administration still run things there, right?

    But I’m not picky, if you (or anyone else in town) are not an administrator but have an answer to any of those questions, I think we will all benefit from your input.

    Also Adisa, thank you for your comment.

  3. You wrote “Where is the justification, in 2009, for endorsing anything based on race?”

    Well, I think it’s fair to assume that in 2009, it is possible for persons of African descent to be treated unfairly. I would guess that the members of the Black Employee Association would vote to dissolve the organization if it were not needed.

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