Freedom Of Speech Award 2009

Talkers magazine, the leading industry magazine and newspaper for the talk radio business, awarded Rush Limbaugh with the coveted Freedom of Speech Award at the New Media Conference of Talkers Magazine in New York over the weekend.rushfreedomofspeechaward

Talkers . . .

Rush is now the first two-time recipient of the prestigious honor, for the massive attention he garnered in the mainstream press as a result of statements made on the air critical of the President of the United States and particular branches of the Federal government that went on to spark a national dialogue and debate — a process that reflects the very heart of the First Amendment.

Rush spoke about freedom of speech and talk radio in accepting the award. It was a fine 10 minute speech about our freedom of speech and instructive on how to be successful in talk radio. Something the Air America crowd would do good to listen to.

See the video of his acceptance speech.

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