UN Says No Right To Abortion

The UN Commission on Population and Development just ended their session after some serious debate over the UN’s role in abortion. They agreed to not have a policy that creates a right to an abortion.

I have to agree with Iran’s position here. And this makes the first time I’ve agreed with Iran on anything.

Up until the eleventh hour, the contentious term “sexual and reproductive health and rights” remained in the draft document. Just prior to adoption, Iran took the floor to object to the phrase which has never before been included in any negotiated UN document. Iran stressed that the term remained problematic for a number of delegations and urged the Commission to revert back to previously agreed upon and carefully negotiated language from the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Program of Action, which is understood not to create any right to abortion.

In an attempt to get consensus, the chairwoman from Mexico suspended the meeting and after twenty minutes, returned to the room and announced that Iran’s proposal would be accepted and that the term “sexual and reproductive health and rights” would be removed from the text. The document was then adopted by consensus.

This news would put the Left in America on their heels, since abortion is the holy sacrament of their practice, and the UN is their most quoted reliable source.

It also says something about just how liberal other countries are when it comes to the subject of abortion. For the Left in America, saying that the rest of the world is on-board with abortion ‘rights’ and we need to catch up with them is pure spin because, obviously, they’re not.

What they don’t know won’t hurt them. Or in this case, what they won’t know won’t hurt them. You probably won’t find news of this UN action in your local paper or on TV. From no major media, here are two accounts of the UN Commission’s action.

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