Why The Tea Parties?

If you think your government is taxing too much, spending too much, and borrowing too much, there’s a good reason for that. Just look at this 20 year chart.

While whining about the $1.3 trillion dollar deficit he inherited, Obama’s way of fixing this is to spend over 4 times that amount, AND, in the same breath will say that he is going to cut the deficit in half in 4 years. The numbers of what the Obama administration wants to spend in his first term is equal to all the spending done by the first 43 presidents combined. And, is the first President of the United States to commit generational theft in the process.

The Congressional Budget Office, the number crunchers in Washington that Democrats loved to quote under the Bush administration, is today poo poo’d by these same Democrats because the CBO’s estimate of Obama’s policies are not the same as the administration’s own number crunchers. The CBO says it is unsustainable. And they are trying to delegitimize the CBO for that. Remember, shooting the messenger is what they do. No matter who or what the target.

Look at the chart. Neither of the estimates are acceptable. All the administration has is spin and deception to force this burdensome debt onto our children and grandchildren. And they could care less.

‘Never allow a crisis to go to waste, they are opportunities to do big things,’ as explained by President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanual. What this means is, President Obama is not going to rebuild the economy until he first transforms it into his socialist version, and after that he plans to rebuild the economy in its new and devalued state where the people are less free and the government wields and holds all the power. That is not the change we hoped for or voted for. And that’s why Tea Parties are springing up all over the country.

People who love this country the way it has been for the last 200 plus years are gathering to say, Stop The Spending, Stop the Government Growth, Stop Limiting Freedoms, Stop Nationalizing Business and Industry.  Stop!

The Tea Parties are free. Stand up and let our elected officials see you. Come and join us at both if possible.

  • First one is in Santa Rosa County on Saturday, April 11, 2009 from 11:00 to 1:30 PM at the Farmer’s Opry House, 8897 Byrom Campbell Rd., Chumuckla. This event is to protest the increased taxation and spending by the Federal Government. Bring your American flags; wear patriotic attire, and a big smile. A Dutch treat lunch costing $12.50 each will be served. Music to be provided by the Opry’s Sawmill Band. PLEASE RSVP by April 9 at srcteaparty@yahoo.com or call Wayne Smyly 850 994-1443
  • The second one is in Escambia County on Wednesday, April 15, 2009, from 3 PM to 6 PM in front of University Mall in Pensacola.

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