Jacksonville FairTax Rally Video

The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville has a report on the FairTax rally at The Landing in Jacksonville Saturday where about 3,000 people came out to support and to learn about the Fair Tax.

About 3,000 or so people filled The Jacksonville Landing courtyard to cheer talk radio guru Neal Boortz, members of Congress and others promoting a plan to replace America’s income and payroll taxes with a scaled national sales tax.

In Pensacola this week, members of the The Pensacola Fair Tax Advocates Meetup Group will be attending the April 15th Tea Party at University Mall from 3pm – 6pm. Showing our support for not trying to spend our way out of a recession and borrow our way out of debt. The consequences of which amount to  inter-generational theft.


We have no right to deprive future generations the freedom we have by

making them live under the burden of our debt. Their choices will be limited. When it comes to family values, doing this to future generations of our family is no ‘value’ I would subscribe to.

link: FairTax rally pushes plan to replace income, payroll taxes | PNJ: Patriots’ parties protest wasteful spending