Tax Abortion

Sales taxes and Excise taxes are levied on everyone. Like on cigarettes, gasoline, alcohol. Politicians pick either something addictive, a necessity, or otherwise popular for a reliable revenue stream.  No matter the reason they give for needing more money from you than they are already getting, just know that, at the threat of a gun or prison, they’ve got you.

And there’s nothing more the Left likes more than taxes. Oh wait. Yes there is. They like abortion more. In fact, there is an abortion industry, and Planned Parenthood is the leader of the pack.

Any tax will cause a behavioral change. A multi-national company might shelter their assets offshore. A cigarette smoker might try cutting back, or quit. Tax abortions and maybe we will see less of them? It’s a win win.

Time has come to test the Left’s priorities on taxation and behavioral management with an excise tax on abortions. Talk about a guaranteed revenue source, tax abortions. Propose that, sit back, and watch the fur fly.

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