Tax Evader Approved For Treasury Post

The Obama campaign wasn’t lying when they said there was going to be change in his administration. But who knew that this is what they meant?

The Senate Finance Committee has cleared the nomination of Timothy Geithner as treasury secretary despite unhappiness over his mistakes in paying his taxes.

That’s right, not paying taxes for a number of years in a row were simply ‘mistakes.’ After all, Geithner ended up paying taxes for the years that the IRS told him to pay for.  Which did not include taxes for the years 2000 and 2001 which were also not paid. Taxes for those years were not paid until the day before President Obama announced that he was his choice for Treasury Secretary.  Oh hell, those years were just a simple oversight.

Right, in much the same way that Sandy (socks) Burger was just a sloppy worker (Bill Clinton’s explanation), and stealing documents from the National Archives and stuffing them in his socks, and hiding them on a construction site, and picking them up later in the evening, was just normal for good ole’ Sandy.

I’m not seeing change here. I’m seeing more of the same.

link: Senate panel approves Geithner for treasury post

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