Welcome President Obama

Today’s inauguration of the first black head of state was remarkable to say the least. The pre-inaugural hype about President Obama’s inaugural address turned out to be just that, hype. True to his style, Obama delivered the speech well and made everyone feel good for any number of reasons. But also true to his style in his campaign, he did not say very much that would put America in a direction that we, as Americans, could follow. That will have to change.

As is also his style, he covered all the bases on all sides. Personal responsibility up, government involvement up. What? Take care of yourself and your family, be responsible, while government will take care of them if you don’t. Huh? He was equally vague or non-committal when it came to energy. Seeming to focus more on what we don’t yet have than on what we do have.

I don’t recall any inauguration that patently offended an entire race, like the divisive benediction delivered by Rev. Joseph Lowery did when he prayed to God for a time “When white does right.” The fact that white people put Obama in the White House seems to have escaped this old man who is stuck in the last century. What a coincidence that the ghost of Rev. Wright would return on inauguration day.

I’m offended by the suggestion that our country has made no progress in race relations to the point that we need to pray to God for it. When what we need to pray for is an Obama administration that can keep us safe and repair our economy, while preserving our liberties and freedom.

I don’t expect the President to address and correct what Rev. Lowery said, but he should. And I don’t expect for the media to make anything of it either, and they won’t. But imagine for a second, the reaction of an inaugural benediction of a republican president where there was a focus on blacks to do something. Anything!

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  1. I did too, up until he prayed to God that whites do right. The inauguration is not the place for that kind of talk. It was too Rev. Wright’ish, too bigoted.

    It spoiled what was an otherwise good time.

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