Alcaniz Street Preserved

At least for now. According to Councilman Sam Hall, the request to change the name of Alcaniz into Martin Luther King has been withdrawn.  Preserving that history was the right thing to do. All you ‘racists’ (according to Boyd) can rest easy now.

This was a big deal a few months ago when community organizer and head of Movement for Change, Leroy Boyd, had petitioned the City to change the remaining blocks of Alcaniz St. to MLK boulevard, from Fairfield Drive to the Main St. on the bay.

Derek Cosson has a good idea.

We’re going to be building a new public library… why don’t we consider naming that for Dr. King instead.

Too bad that Boyd wouldn’t see it that way. He would see it this way, ‘ain’t no white person gonna to tell ME what street I can rename.’

How long before the subject comes up again?

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