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According to Derek Cosson’s blog, Progressive Pensacola . . .

At Monday’s meeting of the Pensacola City Council’s Committee of the Whole, the issue of renaming the remaining portion of Alcaniz Street to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive will be raised.

Monday’s meeting is tomorrow, October 20, 2008. The matter of naming a street after Martin Luther King, Jr. was brought up and settled eight years ago in the year 2000. For lack of any groundswell of public opinion to revisit this issue, apparently somebody is bringing it up again.

If you can, attend the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday and speak to them in person. The meeting starts at 3:15 PM, and will be held in the Hagler/Mason Conference Room on the second floor of Pensacola City Hall.

For our local readers of The Lunch Counter, please take a moment to provide your input to your city commissioner.

Here is a sample of my input. Your mileage may vary . . .

Absent of any public groundswell of opinion to rid the city of a street named Alcaniz, please vote NO to what I understand will be a topic at the council meeting tomorrow, Monday 10/20/2008 to change what remains of Alcaniz St. to MLK Blvd..

This matter was ‘settled’ a few years ago by the city dedicating a few miles of road to the name of MLK Blvd.. Anyone supporting a further change is more ignorant of the city’s history than any elected representative of the city should be.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The city has more pressing problems than wanting to, or needing to, erase part of its history.

H/T Progressive Pensacola

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  1. Claim years ago was the renaming would change the area, cause civic pride, improvement and development of small minority businesses on that street. Did Mr. Boyd report on the progress?

    Now it’s going to make housing across from Aragon more affordable.

    By the way, I noticed Sam Hall lives on Fern Court but I didn’t see any ferns on the porches of those living on Fern Court.

    I live downtown but “I” really really think that Street name needs to be changed to Magnolia Boulevard.

    I’ll simply write a letter next Wednesday requesting the council address as an information item for the agenda the following Monday. Then on Monday, I’ll call around 2:00 and ask that it be “revised” to an action item. That way the council can go ahead and vote on it. There is no procedure for other street name changes so this one can be changed quickly.

    If the street name is changed I feel sure we can look forward to a Magnolia tree lined street and housing prices will double which will flush more money into the budget which seems to be the only thing growing in this “historic” city.

  2. My logic tells me that the city addressed the matter 8 years ago in a way that, like cutting the baby in half, preserved history and honored Dr. King.

    My logic tells me that only those who feel that this issue is part of a ‘movement’ to finish the job would feel that it is not settled.

    Why the Movement For Change would have chosen a street that goes to the City’s history, centuries before the civil rights movement, speaks to the erasing history, or being ignorant of history, part of my logic.

    Besides all that, this city is replete with roads that have more than one name. I don’t see the logic in that, but that’s another story.

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