Powell Endorses Obama

Where is the surprise? Colin Powell took his best shot at getting back at Bush, and the Bush administration by endorsing Barack Obama three weeks before the election. It had nothing to do with McCain.

I saw and read what Powell had said about Obama that, in his mind, qualifies him to be a President of the United States in three months. Powell seems to be star struck with ‘change’ and a guy that talks a good game. Those are good qualifications for a used car salesman, but should not be the end-all for Commander in Chief and President of the United States.

Powell, as I recall, was the only member of the Bush administration who would not commit to a party affiliation in the 2004 election season. You might remember, he resigned. In his mind, he left the party when he believed he was used by the first Bush administration when he gave his presentation at the United Nations, making the case for going into Iraq. He just chose 3 weeks before the election to tell the public. He was, and is a good strategist. That is the whole of the story. It remains to be seen if his coming out has changed anyone’s mind on who is most qualified.

Look back ten months ago, during the primaries. All the Democrat candidates thought that Obama was not ready, was too green, not too black, to be President. Somewhere between then and now, Obama is now ready? What happened?

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