Finally, Holding Obama To His Own 'Words, Just Words'

Since he has not been challenged on them before, outside of talk radio and Sean Hannity, both of which are summarily dismissed by the mainstream media, this morning in Clearwater, Florida at 9:15am, vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin brought up Obama’s words regarding our military fighting in Afghanistan. Obama said that our military was air-raiding villages and killing civilians in much the same vein as Rep. John Murtha accused them of killing civilians in cold blood. That tact, although fashionable to the anti-war anti-Bush crowd, is not acceptable coming from someone wanting to be President, and that story should be told.

It is important to know more about who a candidate really is, beyond their talking points. So today Sarah Palin also brought up the name of William Ayers, and Obama associate from the far left. So far left, in fact, that that guy is an unrepentant domestic terrorist, no matter what else he may be.

The media is mute on Obama’s involvement with the far-left group ACORN as well. For the man that wants to be Commander in Chief, the people need to know more about this man than the media and the Obama campaign wants us to know. So when Barack supporters like Lanny Davis, call this as attacking Barack Obama, just remember to put this in the proper perspective. It is not attacking Obama, it is exposing Obama. So to candidate Palin I say, You Go Girl.

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2 thoughts on “Finally, Holding Obama To His Own 'Words, Just Words'”

  1. Screw that. I heard him say it with my own two ears. And it was clear to me that he was taking a shot at the Bush administration and the war by taking a shot at the troops. Identical to the crap that Murtha was spewing. The mere mention of ‘killing civilians’ is all I needed to hear. Obama knows, or at least he should know, that the Taliban, like all other terrorists, operate out of their homes, not military barracks. They use ‘civilians’ as human shields. Obviously, when they get taken out, so does others around them.

    Had he not intended to impune our troops, their mission, and the administration, he would have chosen words like ‘we need to fight this war differently’ or something like that. He, above all others, knows the effects that ‘words, just words’ have on others.

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