'Character Attacks Emerge' Says MSM

From the start of this presidential campaign, about the only thing the American people knew about Barack Obama were the few who watched the Democratic National Convention four years ago, where he delivered a great speech. Also from the start of this campaign, the mainstream media has been supporting Barack Obama not only in their coverage but in their ‘non-coverage.’

Outside of conservative talk radio and one cable network, the American people still do not know who Barack Obama is and where he came from, or anything about his character. The reason that is important in this election is because everyone knows who John McCain is, his character, and where he came from. Now, with less than 30 days before the election, the McCain campaign has finally come to the realization that if anyone is going to talk about Obama’s past as relates to his character, they are going to have to do it themselves. If this were not the case, then we wouldn’t be seeing headlines like this one ‘Character attacks emerge in McCain-Obama race.’

The reason it is only now emerging is because the media has circled their wagons around Barack from day one. And now that indications of his character are coming out, Obama is calling it a ‘smear.’ Today, on a nationally syndicated black talk radio show Barack said . . .

‘We don’t throw the first punch, but we’ll throw the last.’

Obama’s counter to his association with William Ayers is bringing up the ‘Keating 5’ scam. Something that McCain was absolved of that happened nearly 20 years ago. Meanwhile, Barack will have to explain his associations with people like Rev. Wright, ACORN, Tony Rezko and William Ayers, some of whom he has had ongoing relationships during the last 20 years. It is associations like these that speak to his character. All of which are, for lack of another adjective, far left extremists and America haters.

So rather than characterize Obama’s past as ‘character attacks,’ an honest characterization would be more like character revelations.

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2 thoughts on “'Character Attacks Emerge' Says MSM”

  1. Between those two pairs, I’ll have to disagree. I’ll give you this much though. ‘Association’ is not the best word to describe the two. ‘Alliance’ is more correct. Obama is and always has been allied with Ayers in his radical ideas on education, socialistic, anti-capitalistic agenda. To wit, Obama’s ideas on taxes are to make things ‘fair.’ Obama obfuscates Ayers’ real danger when he refers to him as a college professor in education. Ayers’ idea of education is like what he did for Hugo Chavez, in teaching Chavez to educate kids at the youngest level into the socialist, anti-capitalistic dogma. THAT, is more than just an education professor that lives in his neighborhood and Obama knows it. In this way, Obama is not being honest with the American people. And, he is presenting himself as someone other than who he really is.

    I understand that Thomas Sowell wrote a compelling piece on Obama’s ‘alliance’ factor. I haven’t read it yet, but do intend to. Will probably eek out another post. ??

  2. Barack Obama has as much “association” with Bill Ayers as John McCain has with crazy nuttos like John Hagee.

    Not much of an association, is the point.

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