ACORN And Sen. Barack Obama's Economic Crisis

Before getting interested in politics, the mention of the word acorn conjured up images of squirrels for me. Now that ACORN is an acronym, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, it conjures up images of socialist squirrels of the human kind. And front and center in ACORN is the Democrat(ic) party’s candidate for president, Sen. Barack Obama from Illinois.

Rather than have 100 percent of any recovery realized by reselling these mortgages going to either retiring the national debt or being returned to the people whose money they used (that would be you and I), or a combination of the two, the original bailout plan was to give 20 percent of it to ACORN. This was a major objection of the Republicans in the House. Which also explains to me, why they were kept out of the process.

Now that ACORN is front and center in the minds of those that are paying attention to the current financial crisis, we all need to know why, for Democrats, they are front and center in the proposed bailout, especially since they are instrumental in creating the problem in the first place.

Nothing says more about a person than his associations and his life’s work. We’ve all heard from the Left that Obama’s 20 year association with a racist bigot for the leader of his church is nothing to worry about. Election day might show just how effective the Left was in whitewashing that one. Or if you prefer, putting lipstick on that one.

But Obama’s association with ACORN, and his work for ACORN, will have you questioning why the Democrats chose him over Sen. Hillary Clinton in the first place. There is a reason Barack Obama is rated as the most liberal in the Senate, and by his life long associations with the most powerful leftists, socialists in the country, you might get a good idea what kind of ‘change’ Obama has in mind for us and this country.

James Simpson at The American Thinker has a highly documented article that exposes Barack’s association with the activist group like has never been done by the media. (no surprise there) Simpson begins in the SDS days of the 60’s, to ACORN’s roots, and goes right up to the current crisis, and the role that Obama himself has played in it.

So today on Face The Nation, getting past the funny part, where Obama claims credit for shaping the current ‘fix,’ there is reason to question, where Bob Schieffer did not, exactly what Barack means by his four points that he can agree on. From the transcript of today’s show, which is posted on Obama’s website . . .

That is why over the past ten days, in conversations with the President, Secretary of Treasury and leaders of Congress, I laid out the four core principles I believed had to guide any solution: oversight by an independent board; protections for taxpayers to ensure that they are treated like investors and that they receive any profits – and recoup any losses – from this plan; measures to help homeowners stay in their homes; and rules to make sure CEOs are not being rewarded at taxpayers’ expense. While I look forward to reviewing the language of the legislation, it appears that the tentative deal embraces these principles. (my emphasis added)

The measures to help homeowners part causes great concern that this is some sort of vehicle to include ACORN or one of its many tentacles, or new entitlement programs, or increased spending for existing ones. Keeping in mind that at the big debate last Friday night, Obama would not agree with McCain for a freeze on increased spending. And today, Bob Scheiffer did not question one statement that Obama made. Did not challenge or even ask for a further clarification about anything of what Obama said. It became obvious that today’s show was just another free campaign stop for Obama with an opportunity to speak to the media lemmings and the unsuspecting masses.

link: Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis

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