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When you give up your freedoms, government gets the freedoms that you had. Rush Limbaugh said this in the midst of a discussion on global warming and the motivations of the global environmentalist movement.

NYC keeps the cannoli but drops the trans fats

New York’s biggest maker of fried dough shells for the classic Italian dessert reports that after four months of sometimes frustrating experimentation, cooks finally produced a trans-fat-free replacement that is just as crisp and delicious as the original.

As if by accident comes this USA Today headline, ‘Roadside bombs decline in Iraq.’ It is darn hard to find any good news coming out of Iraq even when they ‘report’ it.

Newspapers, reeling from slumping ads, slash jobs

Even for an industry awash in bad news, the newspaper business went through one of its most severe retrenchments in recent memory last week. Half a dozen newspapers said they would slash payrolls, one said it would outsource all its printing, and Tribune Co., one of the biggest publishers in the country, said it might sell its iconic headquarters tower in Chicago and the building that houses the Los Angeles Times.

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