2nd Amendment Survives, By One Vote

Do you want to know what freedom hanging by a thread looks like? That would be the SCOTUS decision to overturn the gun ban in Washington D.C.. Finally, we have a Supreme Court decision to lay the Brady bunch to rest, even though they don’t intend to rest. Ted Nugent has a good piece on this, part of which is his . . .

disbelief that there are four “justices” on the “supreme” court that do not believe Americans have individual rights.

The Court upholds your ‘right’ to own a firearm. They had no problem constitutionally, with laws that would serve to put certain restrictions as to the type of weapon and places that it may not be carried. They recognized however, by a 5/4 decision, that there can be no law that flatly prohibits a law-abiding citizen to ‘keep’ and ‘bear’ arms for lawful purposes like protection and sporting.

For supporters of this decision, don’t let this victory go to your head. The people wishing to take your weapons away or keep you from buying one are not going away simply because of this decision by the supremes. That’s good news for lawyers. Bad news for everyone else. It means we need to stay alert to what they are up to, and stay active to stop them in their tracks. Politically speaking of course.

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