Mayor, No Pregnancy Pact

Last year in Gloucester High School, there were 4 girls that got pregnant. This year there were 17. The initial rumor was that there was a pregnancy pact among the girls, none older than 16. But 17 of them did get pregnant, some by a homeless guy in his 20’s. I’d like to hear his story.

So the good news is, there was no pact. The bad news is, there was a 325 percent increase in reckless sluts in Gloucester High School this year.

I hope, I really hope that the media doesn’t stick to these kids. They need to leave them alone. If there was a pact, then they did it for publicity. Don’t give it to them. If they’re just sluts, don’t give it to them. Hopefully, they are humiliated enough over what they have done and will now concentrate on being a mother and giving up their childhood. I don’t want to know who had their baby and who didn’t.

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