MSM Ignores Gen. Sanchez’s Comments, About Them

The so-called mainstream media (MSM) was all over Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez speech, or so you may have thought. We heard his criticism of the Bush administration for inadequate strategy and prosecution of the war. But these so-called journalists couldn’t bring themselves to tell you what else Sanchez had to say in the same Q&A session at the Military Reporters & Editors convention last week.

For starters . . .

Sanchez opened by criticizing the U.S. news media, saying he was unfairly labeled “a liar” and “a torturer” because of the Abu Ghraib scandal, and he alleged that the media have lost their sense of ethics. He said that members of the media blow stories out of proportion and are unwilling to correct mistakes, and that the “media environment is doing a great disservice to the nation.”

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