McCollum’s Platform: Rick Scott

McCollum has been bombarding the airwaves of the talk radio frequencies with his campaign ads. And I’ve been listening closely to hear what his ideas are for Florida, since he is running for governor of the State. Unfortunately for Floridians, we may never know what his platform is other than Rick Scott this and Rick Scott that.

McCollum is running the most idiotic campaign for thinking that we care what he thinks about Rick Scott. And from that, he is showing me that he’s not the right man for the job. Your mileage may vary.

I do have a suggestion for how he can best use his campaign cash. He can use it to support Dr. Farid Khavari for governor. Khavari has a platform and a plan for Florida and every citizen of the State. His ads are not about mudslinging. They are about his plan for Florida and showing the people what he can do for them. What a novel idea in today’s field of politics, don’t you think?

Link: Farid Khavari for Governor

4 thoughts on “McCollum’s Platform: Rick Scott”

  1. Whether you knew it or not Michael, you brought up a good point about Dr. Khavari.

    I’ve come to know him personally and his drive to run for Governor is totally driven by his desire to put the State on track to job creation and economic recovery. And then some. He is not driven to get the position to fulfill an ego.

    It’s not as much that others would keep his ideas alive as it is that he would help any head of State, or head of state, to understand and implement his economic plan, because it will work anywhere. And in the current economic situation, there are 48 states that need his expertise. He would do that because he is an economist, not a politician.

    No politician out there would offer to help others, or the ‘other side’ do what they might know to do. Politicians want the credit for themselves. Khavari wants the people of Florida to succeed more than himself because he loves his State and because he knows that they can. To him,that is more important. You can’t say that about any of his rivals.

    First off, none of his rivals have a proven plan like he does. They only have smoke and mirrors. More of the same. Secondly, the two major parties would have nothing of the thought of McCollum helping Sink or visa versa.

    The major parties care about their power first, the people second. The major parties pick their candidate and $upport their pick, bypassing the people altogether. Khavari came to that realization early on in his campaign which is why he changed from Democrat to Independent or No Party Affiliation.

    Khavari is the man for the job.

  2. I’ve heard all the candidates and nobody has any plans accepts Farid Khavari who has great ideas and plans for the state and to help the economy. It’s time to make the right decision to have a better life and a better economy. This time we will make the changes. We don’t want politicians to make the changes. It’s enough. Thank you Farid Khavari for your genius ideas.

  3. I would hope if someone other than Candidate Khavari wins the election, that publications such as this will keep his ideas alive to help grow a ground swell of of support. It’s just too important to let it fade.

  4. Farid Khavari is driven to change the status quo and i solute him for it. I have mentioned to him a few ideas and he has mentioned to me a few ideas and we agree on a lot. We MUST change the way our economy runs and get away from the debt money system, fractional reserve banking. We need to go back to a free money system. Anyone who is unsure what fractional reserve banking is or debt money system, youtube “money as debt.”

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