From Yes We Can To No I Won’t

Two short years ago, candidate Barack Obama campaigned on being the world’s savior. He was going to cool the earth’s temperature, lower sea levels, foster global harmony, end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bring North Korea and Iran into the world of civility, bring a lasting peace to the Middle East, improve the United States’ standing and reputation in the world, convert radical Muslims to just Muslims, turn the economic slump/recession around, and put an end to racial tensions. All that good stuff.

The point here is not to measure his accomplishments to his campaign rhetoric, but to compare his commitment to secure our borders with the same enthusiasm he had as a candidate for doing everything else.

This past week, President Obama seems to be indicating that we can’t secure our border. It’s just too big. This admission of impotence is new for someone who professes the capacity to change the global temperature and sea level.

Like his predecessor President Bush, President Obama is ringing the ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ bell, which is fancy words that mean amnesty for illegal aliens.

It is remarkable how similar the heads of the respective political parties are when it comes to courting the illegal vote, once they become legalized. It didn’t help John McCain. After losing the election, he saw the light and changed the priority to securing the border first, THEN deal with those that are already here in some civilized, organized, and fair way.

Heads of the party need to focus on what’s good for the country, not how a faithful voting block of illegal aliens might be good for the Party.