GOP Aiming Backwards?

Only Obama and others who harbor a distaste for free market capitalism, American exceptionalism, the Constitution,  personal liberty and freedom can ignore over 200 years of progress and call continuing that as going backwards.

It wasn’t socialism that made this country the best in the world, by any standard. For example, the poor in this country have cell phones, color televisions, cars, homes that don’t melt in the rain, electricity, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, a school to learn, medical care to heal and food stamps to eat.

On the perpetual campaign, addressing a crowd during a town hall-style meeting and referring to Republicans, Obama said . . .

“They want to take us backwards, we want to move forwards.”

President Obama and his administration are about one generation too late to push a socialist agenda that the socialists in Europe are now turning away from. Learning through experience that, like Margaret Thatcher said, ‘the trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money,’ they have reached the point of entitlement un-sustainability. The very same direction Obama’s vision is taking us. The inconvenient truth about Obama is that the leading European countries see Obama as having a vision of going backwards. Not the GOP.

Link: Politico: GOP aiming ‘backwards’ – Kendra Marr and Carol E. Lee