The Gamblers; Crist, Sink, And McCollum

It may be a difficult read, but if you really want to know who is responsible for losing billions of dollars of Florida’s pension funds, you must read this. Next thing is, don’t reward them with your vote.

For governor of the State of Florida, stick with Dr. Farid Khavari. An economist who not only knows better on how to manage resources, but he is the only one with a sound economic plan to put Florida back on the path to prosperity and to replace the money lost by Sink, McCollum, and Crist.

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2 thoughts on “The Gamblers; Crist, Sink, And McCollum”

  1. Anyone with just half a brain should understand enough about Dr. Khavari’s excellent economic plan of setting up a properly run and maintained state bank and vote for him for governor. The other candidates are thowing in nothing but money into their campaigns – certainly no concrete ideas that will solve the economic woes of Florida.
    I wish the press would give greater coverage to the idea of a state owned bank along with Independent candidate Dr. Khavari. Unfortunately little attention is being paid to any but the main political parties’ candidates, so it is up to us to spread the word. Get the word out to everyone you know. Michigan is already part way there with Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero winning the Democratic primary. Let’s work to get Khavari as governor of Florida.

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