Miami In Celebration

Fidel Castro died at 90. Reaction to the news from Miami is a celebration.  People filling the sidewalks waving American and Cuban flags. Making drums out of a pot and a big spoon, and beating them.  Traffic is a slow-moving parade of cars, horns blowing, waving out of the windows, in both directions.

Live streaming from the Miami Herald.

What do you think will come first?

President Obama making a statement about Castro’s death. Pointing out his contribution to the world.

OR, President Obama making a statement to Americans about the five police executions in as many days, and that the very idea of attacking law enforcement is unacceptable. And maybe call for mandatory death sentence for anyone killing a cop, under any circumstances.

Tune in tomorrow.

Link: Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolutionary Who Defied U.S., Dies at 90

aSide Order

Obama’s Words, Just Words

Literally just days after President Obama demanded that Trump confront Putin when his behavior defies international values & norms,  from Peru, the president says his brief chat with Putin did not include alleged Russian intervention in US election because “that’s behind us.” That’s rich. Everything Russia did, on anything, is behind us.

Maybe it’s because he knew Russia had nothing to do with it in the first place?


Mocking Accents Is Cool Now

TuckerCarlson on Trump-Bashing at AMA’s: Celebs Now Becoming ‘Enforcers of Groupthink’


Trump On Social Media

Have you noticed the constant drumbeat from the so-called mainstream media (aka fake news sites), continually asking Trump whether he will quit using Twitter now that he will soon be president? CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. Her reply, “Why do you care?”

Why they care is that they’ve stained their pants on Trump’s win. And, his use of Twitter to communicate directly to the folks renders them, and their bias, essentially neutered.

Sanctuary Cities Solution

Illegal immigration and the burden it has on Americans has come to the fore again because of Pres-elect Donald Trump’s promise to end Sanctuary Cities.

Trump has said he will withhold Federal funding to cities that harbor illegal aliens and refuse to enforce current immigration laws. It is hoped that the threat of doing without would, ostensibly, be enough to convince those city governments to comply with federal immigration laws.

There are two other options available that have not been discussed yet. And one of which has already been done by the Obama administration and upheld by the Supreme Court.

The second option is to do to the Mayors and their Chiefs of Police what the Obama Justice Department did to Arizona. You go into Federal Court and get a Federal Judge to issue a Court Order. You force them to comply with Federal law. Virtually every federal judge will rule, based on the Supreme Court’s own precedent, and President Obama in particular, that it has plenary power in this regard, and that states and cities don’t have authority to nullify federal statutes. Then if a Mayor defies a federal court order, the Mayor will be held in contempt of court and go to jail. That’s the legal strategy that could be put into place, in one city after another. You specifically punish these mayors, you specifically punish these police chiefs and city council members if necessary. Get them held in contempt of court, criminal contempt, until federal immigration laws are enforced.

The third option. Sanctuary City Officials should be considered Seditious. Any elected or appointed official refusing to comply with federal law based solely upon their own ideological opinion, or encouraging the same of others, should be considered for arrest and indictment for sedition. It is one thing for state and local authorities to announce that there is insufficient resources to fully comply with the law of the land. But to declare for reasons exclusive to one’s own ideological opinion that they will not comply is indicative of an “insurrection against established order” and “incitement of discontent to lawful authority.”

The existence of Sanctuary Cities is one of the ‘welcome mats‘ to be pulled, if we are to ever get control of immigration. Equal justice under the law is not an option. Neither Hillary Clinton,  nor city officials should be exempt.

Link: 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES | H/T Kerry Bowers | What Comprehensive Immigration Reform Should Be

Rep. Ellison For DNC Chair

The current head of the Democratic National Committee is Donna Brazile who to put it nicely, is retiring . Two names for possible replacement are screaming Howard Dean, who once held the position, and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn). I think it would be a good thing if Keith Ellison became the head of the DNC. Really, you know that I want the Democratic Party to succeed.

As far as I know, Ellison isn’t a CAIR member or a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but both of those groups support him. One is an unindicted co-conspirator and the other is a terrorist organization. But Ellison does accept donations from them, was a speaker for them and groups associated with Hamas, also a terrorist organization. Groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2008, Ellison accepted $13,350 from the Muslim American Society (MAS) to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca. The Muslim American Society is a Muslim Brotherhood organization. ellison-with-abdullah-bin-bayyah_mas-flickr

With CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Keith Ellison, the relationship is mutual. That’s quite different than saying (true or not),  that because the KKK supported Trump, who never spoke at a KKK event or took donations from them,  is a racist.

It’s pretty clear where Rep. Keith Ellison stands with the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. You won’t hear him denouncing them. And you won’t see him returning their campaign contributions.

This is today’s Democratic Party. Democrats, Ellison is your man to head the DNC.

UPDATE: 11/29/2016 Rep. Ellison met with radical cleric and financier of jihad against Americans and Jews.

Link: Muslim Brotherhood-linked Congressman Keith Ellison announces run for DNC chair  |  Keith Ellison’s Saudi Arabia Trip Included Meetings With Radical Cleric, Bank That Funds Suicide Bombings

It’s Far From Over


Now there’s an observation I can agree with.

Why shouldn’t they expect the same treatment? Creating major bills (Affordable Care Act) that the other party can’t take part in, then passing it (deeming it passed), not by a vote, but by Budget Reconciliation instead.

Liberals know that Republicans have more respect for the system of government the Founders made to even think of doing crap like that.

Obama governs as though the Constitution has a “Sick and Tired” Clause. If Congress fails to pass something he wants, rather than go with it and accept the outcome of the Legislative Branch, he does something extra-constitutional to get it done. Invoking his Sick and Tired Clause.

Democrats (and Republicans) allowed the Executive Branch to usurp their power. In fact, I recall Democrats in the House giving Obama a standing O when he told them he was going to run around them wherever he could to advance his political agenda. They were cheering the surrender of their Constitutional powers to the Executive Branch. I recall House Republicans giving Obama the funding he needed to fund his agenda, increasing debt limits, not by approving budgets, but by six years of Continuing Resolutions.

This is the way it’s supposed to work.

Article 1 of the Constitution establishes the Legislative Branch. That’s where laws are made.

Article 2 of the Constitution establishes the Executive Branch. That’s where laws are enforced.

Article 3 of the Constitution establishes the Judicial Branch. That’s where laws are interpreted when the need arises.

There is a major adjustment needed to return to a government that will fit inside the Constitution.

Trump refers to it as draining the swamp. And it is going to take more elections to drain it. Just changing the president is not going to be enough.

Jobs Situation, October 2016

The last jobs report before the presidential election  from the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics is out today. Here is the “progress” President Obama is talking about today in Fayetteville, NC while he campaigns for Hillary Clinton.

Two things you should know about what you will hear from the mainstream media. One is that they will report an unemployment rate below 5%, 4.9%  (Table A-1) The number is only that low because they don’t count millions of people who’s unemployment benefits have run out. It’s like they don’t exist any more. The real unemployment, the U-6, is 9.5%, not 4.9%. (Table A-15)

There were 161,000 jobs created in October 2016. (Table B-1) And this number includes people who have lost their FT job and taken on a PT job. It also includes those who have a job and got a 2nd or 3rd job. Taking into account births, deaths, immigration, and retirements, a minimum of 250,000 jobs is considered break-even. So 161,000 jobs created represents an 89,000 net job loss.

At the start of the Obama administration in 2009, there were 80,380,000 people not in labor force. As of Oct ’16, this has increased to 94,609,000. Obama’s economy since taking office represents a net negative job growth. And minorities are hit worst.

Black labor participation rate (Table A-2), the number of people who can work that are working, is Oct 2015, 62%. Oct 2016, 61.8%. Fewer Blacks working this year than last year.

Black unemployment Oct 2015, 8.3%. Oct 2016 8.6%. (Table A-2) Unemployment rate for Blacks is double that for Whites at 4.3%.

The jobs being created are not the better paying jobs. Comparing Oct ’16 to LY, employed persons by occupation, the largest sector growth is in the low-paying services sector at 1.12 million. (Table A-13)

Oct ’16 compared to Oct ’15, there is a 430,000 increase in people having multiple jobs. Because they have to just to get by. (Table A-9)

October ’16 compared to LY, there were 163,000 more people NOT in the labor force. Compared to the previous month, Sept 2016, the increase  is 425,000. (Table A-1)

Employment Situation October 2016 by Ross Calloway on Scribd

This dismal economic situation should open your eyes to what you can expect if Hillary Clinton should become the next president, because she is campaigning on continuing, if not exacerbating, Obama’s path.

Link: Employment Situation October 2016  |  94,609,000 Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Drops to 62.8%


Hillary Clinton’s Worst Week

Tough times for the last week of the Clinton Campaign. Significant features of the Clinton campaign have just been undercut.

The New York Times says there’s no Trump – Russia link.

Lifelong democrat and democrat pollster Doug Schoen says he can no longer support Hillary Clinton. He’s not alone in his defection.

CNN fires Donna Brazile for sharing debate questions, in advance, to Hillary Clinton. How bad is it that her supporters don’t trust that she is up to speed enough to be able to answer a question on the fly? The woman who wants to be Commander-in-Chief is proving incapable of answering that 3 a.m. call.

Obama comes out in support of FBI Director Comey, saying that he doesn’t believe that Comey is trying to influence the election. And that The White House won’t criticize the Director’s actions. This, just 4 days after joining the Clinton campaign in the criticism of James Comey, which the Clinton Campaign and the Democrat Party continue to do.

Obamacare, the “Affordable” Care Act, is becoming less affordable for more people than ever before. Health insurers are bailing out of it left and right and the Clinton campaign is still down with it.

Illegal immigration is at an all time high and getting worse.

And among other things, the momentum in the candidates show Hillary dropping and Trump rising.