Hillary Clinton’s Worst Week

Tough times for the last week of the Clinton Campaign. Significant features of the Clinton campaign have just been undercut.

The New York Times says there’s no Trump – Russia link.

Lifelong democrat and democrat pollster Doug Schoen says he can no longer support Hillary Clinton. He’s not alone in his defection.

CNN fires Donna Brazile for sharing debate questions, in advance, to Hillary Clinton. How bad is it that her supporters don’t trust that she is up to speed enough to be able to answer a question on the fly? The woman who wants to be Commander-in-Chief is proving incapable of answering that 3 a.m. call.

Obama comes out in support of FBI Director Comey, saying that he doesn’t believe that Comey is trying to influence the election. And that The White House won’t criticize the Director’s actions. This, just 4 days after joining the Clinton campaign in the criticism of James Comey, which the Clinton Campaign and the Democrat Party continue to do.

Obamacare, the “Affordable” Care Act, is becoming less affordable for more people than ever before. Health insurers are bailing out of it left and right and the Clinton campaign is still down with it.

Illegal immigration is at an all time high and getting worse.

And among other things, the momentum in the candidates show Hillary dropping and Trump rising.