It’s Far From Over


Now there’s an observation I can agree with.

Why shouldn’t they expect the same treatment? Creating major bills (Affordable Care Act) that the other party can’t take part in, then passing it (deeming it passed), not by a vote, but by Budget Reconciliation instead.

Liberals know that Republicans have more respect for the system of government the Founders made to even think of doing crap like that.

Obama governs as though the Constitution has a “Sick and Tired” Clause. If Congress fails to pass something he wants, rather than go with it and accept the outcome of the Legislative Branch, he does something extra-constitutional to get it done. Invoking his Sick and Tired Clause.

Democrats (and Republicans) allowed the Executive Branch to usurp their power. In fact, I recall Democrats in the House giving Obama a standing O when he told them he was going to run around them wherever he could to advance his political agenda. They were cheering the surrender of their Constitutional powers to the Executive Branch. I recall House Republicans giving Obama the funding he needed to fund his agenda, increasing debt limits, not by approving budgets, but by six years of Continuing Resolutions.

This is the way it’s supposed to work.

Article 1 of the Constitution establishes the Legislative Branch. That’s where laws are made.

Article 2 of the Constitution establishes the Executive Branch. That’s where laws are enforced.

Article 3 of the Constitution establishes the Judicial Branch. That’s where laws are interpreted when the need arises.

There is a major adjustment needed to return to a government that will fit inside the Constitution.

Trump refers to it as draining the swamp. And it is going to take more elections to drain it. Just changing the president is not going to be enough.