President In Search Of A Legacy

Starting with being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, President Obama is on track to build a legacy for himself, even if it is in his mind only.

There was this historic Iran Deal that, contrary to what he told the world, paves the way for Iran to legally get nuclear weapons. You know, that deal that Iran has refused to sign. After all, why should they sign it? There doing what they want anyway. And the slavish media never told you, aside from it not being worth the paper it’s written on, that it’s not worth the paper it’s written on because Iran will not sign it.

Then there was that great global climate change conference. Where over 200 countries signed on to his scheme to control the world’s thermostat and sea level. An agreement that, as written, no signatory is required to follow. There is no enforceable anything in it. It is all totally voluntary.

Those two historic agreements have gotten us nothing but a photo-op for his Presidential Library. One can only imagine what’s going to be in there.

His legacy is already written. He single-handedly empowered global terrorism and managed the decline of the United States both domestically and internationally for his entire term as president.