U.S. Lawmakers Slam GMs Culture Of Secrecy

This is rich. Lawmakers are shocked at GM’s level of secrecy? Can you say “Obama administration?”

Reuters – U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday reprimanded General Motors Co for a “culture of secrecy” and said a company investigation that found top executives did not know for years about a deadly ignition-switch defect does not absolve them of responsibility.

Who should be shocked? The former self-appointed CEO of GM, Barack Obama, sets the new standard for “transparency.” By making sure he has plausible deniability of not knowing about anything until he reads it in the newspaper. A symptom of running the government by remote control. Rather, letting his acolytes run things for him while keeping him out of the loop. Or so the story goes.

Speaking of a culture of secrecy and the Obama administration. Did you hear that Lois Lerner, the person in the IRS that pleaded the Fifth, claims to have lost all her emails between her and The White House and other administration officials for the two years leading up to and during the IRS abuse of conservative and tea party non-profits? And wouldn’t you know, six other people involved also “lost” their emails for the same time frame. Dang. Talk about a coincidence.

And they think that’s all they have to do to make the investigation go away?

Link: U.S. lawmakers slam GMs culture of secrecy

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