Gun Control Hysteria, GE Capital Drops Gun Dealers

Speaking of gun control hysteria, GE Capital stopped offering financing to retailers whose main business is selling guns. They say it affectsge_money_logo less than one percent of gun dealers and, as big as GE Capital is, dropping that market segment from their model is immaterial to them from a business standpoint. The spokesperson said that the decision was made in response to the “industry changes, new legislation and tragic events.” Tragic events like the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre I suppose, committed by GE Capital Vice President, Peter Lanza’s son.

This is purely a political statement, from the company that paid no taxes for 2010 on their $14 Billion in profits. Whose head of the company was on President Obama’s Jobs Council. You remember, that shovel-ready joke, har har, we spent billions and didn’t create any?

This isn’t the first move against firearm dealers and, by extension, citizens that support and believe in the Constitution. A couple of months ago Intuit Payment Solutions, a credit card processor and Lefty organization, dropped gun dealers from their client list too!

Neither will do much to negatively affect the industry. Their competitors will gladly get their business. It’s only important that you know who they are.

Updated 23:08, H/T Maggies Notebook

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