Charles Lane, “No Major Role In Politics”

In another example of liberal-think that is a mirror image of the “No Place In The Public Square” comment by liberal commentator Robert Beckel, Washington Post editorial columnist Charles Lane doesn’t believe military people should have a say in the public political arena either.

In discussing the Navy Seals political ad, Chuck Lane said this . . .

“I don’t believe military and intelligence people, even retireds, should have a major role in politics.”

The statement begins at 01:04 into the video.

In just the last two weeks, the Left doesn’t approve of, successful business people (Bob Beckel) or people in the military, active or retired, or people in the intelligence community (Chuck Lane), having a say in the public political discourse.

Both times, Beckel and Lane, were on a FOX News program. And both times the statements went unchallenged. Granted that those statements were not the topic of the discussion and would have changed the topic had they been challenged. So I can half understand why they were left to fly on by.

Seems to me that the Left’s desire to squelch speech and opinions that they don’t like, is a story in and of itself.


2 Years In Prison For Pussy Riot

Russian President Vladimir Putin has his version of freedom. And it doesn’t include a female rock band singing songs protesting Putin’s Russia. The band, named Pussy Riot,  is Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, Maria Alekhina, 24, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, was arrested in March after performing a “punk prayer” in Christ the Savior Cathedral, dancing and high-kicking as they called on the Virgin Mary to save Russia from Putin, who was elected to a third term as Russia’s president two weeks later.

And today the women were sentenced to two years in prison for “hooliganism.”

Link: Activists get 2 years for anti-Putin church stunt

With All Due Respect, You Go Girl

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) signed an executive order of her own. Protecting her sovereign (used to be anyway) state,  the order essentially pulls up the welcome mat for illegal aliens. AKA undocumented democrats.

Republican Governor Jan Brewer issued an executive order saying state law bars benefits or state-issued identification for those in the country illegally — including those who qualify for the deferred-enforcement program announced by President Barack Obama in June, which kicked off yesterday. She directed agencies to block access for an estimated 80,000 immigrants in Arizona who may qualify.

I came across this handy map that should be part of their ‘registration package.’


Link: Arizona Won’t Grant Licenses to Immigrants in Obama Program