“No Place In The Public Square”

There’s never been a more glaring example of the way Liberals think than the statement The Five’s Bob Beckel made on Friday’s show.

Here’s the context. They started discussing the way that Chick-fil-A was being persecuted in the media by Democrat politicians for something as bad as having an opinion. An opinion, btw, held in common with most of the country. But apparently not by most high-profile Democrats. Like Rahm Emanual and that religious bigot in Boston Thomas Menino.

I can’t accuse Rahm Emanual of being a religious bigot because at least he was honest about it where his city, Chicago, is concerned. He said that the Chick-fil-A president does not represent the values of Chicago. Judging by the murder rate among Eric Holder’s “people” there, he’s right.

Getting back to Beckel and Liberals. Beckel said “that guy, a high-profile rich business man like that, has no place in the public square.” Here is Liberal-think in one simple statement. First Amendment aside, he is 1) attacking business, 2) attacking success, and 3) telling us who they think should not voice a public opinion. They of course only “approve” their opinions. No, that’s not exactly it. They also want to be the only voice heard in so-called public discourse.

I just thank Bob Beckel for illustrating so clearly how the Left’s belief system is  incumbered by nothing. Including the Constitution.

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