Bla Bla Woof Woof

After two weeks of news media reporting on the ‘Romney Kills Wives’ ad produced by Priorities USA, a PAC run by Bill Burton, former White House deputy press secretary, essentially accusing Romney of being responsible for a woman’s death and not caring about it, there still have been no comments from President Obama or Vice President Biden about the ad. That is, until yesterday.

Both men spoke out about their opponents character. On the same day. This was their attempt to distanced themselves from the ad, without saying a word about it.

At any rate, their statements do two things. First they inoculate them from any and all future PAC ads, no matter how ridiculous, bordering on primal fear, they might be. Because they’re on the record as saying, hey, Romney and Ryan, they’re good guys.

Biden called Rep. Ryan (R-WI) “a good and decent man.”

President Barack Obama said that Mr. Ryan is a “good man. He’s a family man.”

The other thing it does is give the green light to the PACs that support them. Regardless of the content.

The good news is, Rep. Paul Ryan is the man to effectively, and factually, communicate the agenda while effectively answering all the hyperbole from the Lefty PACs and the Obama/Biden campaign.

Do you think the media would be so uninterested in expecting a word of condemnation from the President and Vice President if they were a ‘R’ instead of a ‘D’?

Never mind this exhibition of their lack of moral standard to publicly denounce the implied message in that ad. No matter where it came from.  The fact that they won’t, tells you where their heart is. For them, it is win at any cost and above all else. And that ‘Romney kills wives’ ad sets the new standard in political campaigns. It’s the Chicago way.

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