Occupy Pensacola Gets A Scolding

Here’s a real hoot. The Occupy Pensacola bunch has been misbehaving. Not only that, but they have been sort of out-of-joint where another ‘group’ that offered them some help is concerned. Mr. Berachot Levine, the Director of Government Affairs for a group called The Arm of Justice (AOJ) sent this email (below) to the Occupy Pensacola folks.

I can’t verify that this AOJ group is anything more than a single person. All I could come up with using google is a blog run by Mr. Levine. But, it’s amusing nonetheless.

H/T to RicksBlog for posting it.

November 23, 2011, 10:57 AM EST

To the Membership, “Leadership” Facilitators, Legal Counsel, and Chaplain/Safety Officer of Occupy Pensacola:

My name is Berachot Levine and I am with The Arm of Justice (AOJ), which is basically a group of people from all walks of life and various religious backgrounds (including atheists and agnostics), whose common desire is to see that justice and truth are brought forth. Wade Demers was the original Executive Director of The Arm of Justice, and he is now the Director Emeritus. Wade and his wife Patti had gone to Florida to get some rest from the intense persecution they had been receiving in another state when they happened to come upon Occupy Pensacola. Because of our years of association, Wade contacted us here at The Arm of Justice, so that we could possibly be of help to your cause. I am nearly 70 years old, and am currently located in the State of Rhode Island.

I’ve been apprised of everything that’s been going on regarding situations with Occupy Pensacola and interactions with Wade & Patti Demers. For nearly 30 years I have known these people. You may be surprised at the knowledge of detail at which we (AOJ) keep track of Wade & Patti’s activities; their lives are in danger from corporate America, the government, and organized religion…ironically, the very organizations you people claim to oppose.

Because of who they are and what they do, and their surviving the onslaught of enemies that go all the way back to Washington, D.C., the Demerses have acquired invaluable experiential wisdom that you have not recognized and have squandered and ignored.

You have effectively thwarted my and The Arm of Justice’s efforts to aid you in your cause, because of your actions and inactions and lack of having/using proper wisdom:

1. You have lost the moral high ground with the general public and numbers of those in the city administration who were sympathetic;
2. You have fallen for various “baits” put out by the opposition, and in doing so, have compromised and weakened your position;
3. You have failed to fully comprehend the use of guile, patronizing, and other deceptions by the mayor and the city administration;
4. You have not listened nor paid attention to the voice of reason from those two elder experienced ones sent among you;
5. Your timing of actions and inactions has played into the hands of your opposition, to your detriment;
6. You have neutralized the advantage and effectiveness of those two who had been acting as my eyes and ears among you;
7. You have failed to make certain tactical moves, provisions, and positions in substance, time and space.
8. You have failed to cultivate moral law and discipline.
9. You have refused to listen to wisdom addressing your sorely lacking ability to effectively and peaceably communicate with each other, the media, and city administration. You have refused to listen to wisdom addressing the pathway which would lead to defining and coalescing your disjointed and unclear goals into easily understood objectives spoken with one voice. These two points are causing you to be misunderstood, maligned, and discounted, producing results that are counterproductive and diametrically opposed to your goals.

Ironically, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which the young marine introduced to your group recently, was shared with me by Wade over 30 years ago, after I had first met him through business association…and it is quite disheartening how many of those principles you are violating, resulting in your present weakened condition.
We here at The Arm of Justice had hoped that our objective third-party observation from a distance would cause your opposition to be more inclined to act and interact with you in good faith. Your actions/inactions with Wade & Patti have caused us at The Arm of Justice, at this point, to disengage our support.

Your failure to address the various insults, rudeness, and even threats against Wade & Patti by your group, quite frankly seems bizarre. Your behavior, and especially the behavior of those in leadership, has caused us to disrespect your individual and separate motives. I do feel I have erred by temporarily associating The Arm of Justice with your movement in Pensacola, and have damaged our reputation.

I stand disappointed as spokesman for The Arm of Justice,
Berachot Levine

P.S. In response to receiving a copy of my email of Nov. 19, 2011 to Mayor Ashton Hayward (see copy of text below), I was contacted via email by a television network executive, asking if we/I wanted to do a show or a series of shows bringing more light on to the subject matter contained in that email, which, of course, would have raised the public’s awareness, sympathy, and support for your cause. Of course, now, because of your collective and individual behaviors, that is moot.

P.P.S. It is sad that you were all, by and large, unable to perceive the wisdom, guidance, direction, and timing of same that Wade & Patti were bringing to you to help you…and of course, that would have helped us, The Arm of Justice, to help you.

Your challenges are the same as those faced by the Occupy Movement throughout the United States. Listening might have put you in the forefront of attaining both understanding and support of the public opinion, as well as, perhaps, real victory.

Though I feel sorry for your present plight and condition, I wish you well—hang in…try to learn…try to articulate…try to unite…perhaps someone will hear.

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One thought on “Occupy Pensacola Gets A Scolding”

  1. Wade and Patti Demers are lunatics. They have been whining about the “destruction” of their ministry compound (aka their house in Meridian). They disrupt, agitate, heckle, irratate, provoke and the like to anyone who will give then more than a minute of their time. They set people up so they can look like victims. They are a sad couple. They say they welcome biblical correction if they need it, but then cry “hate crimes” and persecution if anyone opposes them. They have have been asked to leave the public library, public meetings, coffee shops, local churches and many other places where they attempted to stir up things. They have a very, very small group that follows them. Two women and two men for a sum total of 6 including themselves. Names of members: Lucinda Lubus Johnson, Richard Lofton, Paul Kalmen, and Debbie Keller. (It is entirely possible that they set fire to their own place and are now claiming terrorism to their property.)

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