It’s Obama’s Tax Increase, Not Obama’s Tax Cuts

In a typical yet clever way to halt his falling popularity, the Obama administration is framing the current tax debate from the Bush tax cuts to Obama’s tax cuts.  The reality is, the only tax issues on the table right now are tax increases ‘for the rich.’

A non-revisionist history lesson will show that the current tax rates are what they are right now after having been cut for all Americans by the previous administration.  That is why President Obama wants to keep the lower tax rates the same, and call them tax cuts, and raise the higher tax brackets on ‘the rich,’ making them pay (according to the Dear Leader) ‘their fair share.’ Committing class warfare and wealth envy is what community organizers do.

The last time I checked, poor people typically don’t hire the unemployed. And increasing taxes on the people who do, and expecting that to generate private-sector jobs, is what economic ignoramuses do.

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