Russia Is OK With Missile Defense System, For Syria

But certainly not for Poland. No! Missile defense systems for western aligned nations are not on Vladimir Putin’s approved list. Key phrase is ‘missile defense.’ Considering Russia’s history, and Putin’s history, and Putin’s current invasion and occupation of the sovereign state of Georgia, is it any surprise that they like the idea of selling offensive and defensive weapons systems to Syria?

Officials said Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has approved the sale of rockets, missiles, aircraft and air defense systems to Syria. They said Medvedev, in consultation with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, decided to enable Damascus to select from a range of Russian weapons and systems.

And it doesn’t stop there . . .

Assad, who ended a two-day visit on Aug. 21, has also pledged to consider a Russian request to station the Iskander-E long-range, solid-fuel rocket in Syria. Moscow has asserted that the Iskankder could penetrate Israeli or U.S. missile defense systems.

Putin is really enjoying his opportunity to bully Georgia, Poland, and Europe. And with a seat on the United Nations Security Council, he is almost guaranteed to get what he wants regarding the Georgian invasion. Which is, annexing the disputed areas into Russia, if not just washing away Georgia’s border and occupying those territories permanently. Well, that is, presuming the West will just sit by and watch, and let it happen.

link:Putin, Medvedev offer Syria expanded options for weapons systems

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