John Edwards Admits To Affair

Friday afternoon, if you haven’t noticed, is when bad news tends to be released. Most people, the guilty hopes, will be concentrating on other things. And, if it is political in nature and about a democrat, the media may just overlook it as well. That is why Friday is a good time to pay close attention to the news.

Today’s news is from former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC), former presidential candidate and potential VP choice for Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), finally coming out and admitting that the long ignored and discredited story by the National Enquirer was true. Well, except that he is denying that he is the baby daddy of the child born Feb 27, 2008.

No longer can the affair be blamed on right-wing kooks spreading lies printed by the National Enquirer. Although that generally goes hand in hand with the media blackout on this subject. John Edwards will be on Nightline tonight to talk on the subject. Edwards is counting on you watching the Olympics.

UPDATE 8/8/08: Saw the interview. Edwards said that Ms. Hunter’s 6 month old baby was not his. Although Edwards said he would submit to a paternity test, it became apparent that Hunter probably would not. Curiously enough, Terry Moran failed to ask him whether he ever asked Ms. Hunter who the baby daddy was.

UPDATE 8/10/08: Edwards’ ex-mistress nixes paternity test

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