Why The Attack On Talk Radio?

One of my favorite professors in real-life and on talk radio, is Dr. Walter E. Williams. “Black by popular demand” is a slogan he uses when guest-hosting for Rush. Regardless of your opinion of talk radio and the many and varied radio personalities, Dr. Williams puts the whole phony controversy into perspective which is something the mainstream media cannot be accused of doing.

Over the span of some 20 years, Rush has been attacked from just about every leftist corner, as would anyone who tirelessly espoused the founding principles of our nation — private property, rule of law and limited government. What has made Rush so effective with this message has been his ability to put things, and ask questions, in a manner that the average citizen can understand and relate to, and do so with a bit of humor. Humor creates madness among leftists who want their interventionist agenda taken seriously.

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