Hillary Clinton’s ‘Karl Rove’ Puts Her On Defense

Funny what comes up around the Blackwater USA inquisition on Capitol Hill. Hillary Clinton According to John Edwards, Mark Penn’s company helped prepare Blackwater’s chief to prepare for his congressional testimony. Mark Penn is Hillary Clinton’s political adviser “who is like her Karl Rove,” Edwards said.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Hillary Clinton found herself defending her chief strategist Friday after The Associated Press reported that the public relations company Mark Penn runs had helped prepare the chief of the controversial military contractor Blackwater USA for his congressional testimony.

“Mark Penn did no work on the Blackwater account,” Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said Friday afternoon.

I’m sure the billing records would corroborate that. Who would even ask for them? I don’t see this as any big deal really. Ironic, yes, but nothing illegal or even improper. Private companies have clients that want their services. That’s what they do. I felt the same way about Armstrong Williams too.

If there is no double standard, ahem, then I suppose the mainstream media will jump on the ‘dump Mark Penn’ bandwagon like they did with Armstrong Williams. What are the chances?

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