Civil Unions Less Than Expected

After all the media coverage of demonstrations and court cases, who didn’t have the impression that there was genuine demand for civil unions, as the New Jersey legislature coded their version of ‘gay marriage?’ So much so that the law needed to be changed. Apparently not, judging from the number of civil unions that have actually taken place. Only 230 have decided to take the plunge. 219 of those were in South Jersey.

About 230 gay couples – just a fraction of those living in New Jersey – have entered into civil unions in the month since the state began allowing the ceremonies, according to state figures released yesterday.

I’ll leave it to the so-called experts to figure out why the numbers are as low as they are, but one can’t deny that expectations of something higher than that could very well be the product of all the media hype promoting, promulgating the gay agenda over the last couple years. Controversy sells newspapers.

The state Department of Health and Senior Services had received 219 applications for civil-union licenses from local registrars as of Monday. The breakdown by county in southern New Jersey is:

Atlantic 14
Burlington 10
Camden 14
Cape May 8
Cumberland 6
Gloucester 7
Ocean 11
Salem 1

SOURCE: New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services

There seems to be no participation in North Jersey, compared to South Jersey. Only 11 from  the most densely populated part of the state, and 219 in the southern half.  Why is that? It is also odd that Cape May, with its reputation for a large gay population, registered only 8.

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